Ningbo FOTILE Kitchen Ware Co., Ltd. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Since 2008, FOTILE has actively introduced doctrines of the traditional Chinese culture - such as benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and religion - into its management, which it considers compensating for deficiencies in western management concepts and creates a new Chinese business management model. FOTILE's attempts are controversial and evoke intense discussions and reflections.

The core question for class discussion is whether its philosophy is relevant and sustainable to modern businesses normally in China? How can one integrate the direction philosophy that is western with conventional Asian culture? Is it actually possible? This case could be utilized in Corporate Culture classes and MBA, EDP, EMBA Organizational Behavior. It supports a 60-90-minute class discussion. The case describes FOTILE developed its Confucian culture-based management model in a world of marketplace competition.

It introduces the business background, including development procedures and its startup. It describes the transformation of FOTILE's management model from western philosophy to one based on traditional Asian concepts. It then shows how Confucianism is used in the management of FOTILE. In particular, it describes the uses of Confucianism in performance evaluation and FOTILE's HR management.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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