Cost Estimation Using Regression Analysis 

Cost Estimation Using Regression Analysis Case Solution Question 1 In order to determine which cost driver is better among direct labor cost and direct labor hours for estimating direct labor related manufacturing overheads, we have generated two different regression models for Option A and Option B. The results of Option A are as follows: Regression […]

Innovating for the Safety Net: Practical Considerations 

Innovating for the Safety Net: Practical Considerations Case Solution “Safety internet” service providers play a necessary function in providing healthcare to underserved communities in states such as California. As the prominence of the safeguard boosts, medtech innovators looking for to make a distinction have actually started to develop and establish brand-new innovations to assist these […]

The Rise of Inequality (B) 

The Rise of Inequality (B)┬áCase Solution Pedagogical Goals: The goal is to assist in an understanding of the interlinked problems of politics, economics, circulation and development. The case highlights the rise in earnings inequality and whether this is connected to political shifts in Europe and the United States. It assists in knowledge of when and […]

Claims, Litigation, Settlements, and More Claims! 

Claims, Litigation, Settlements, and More Claims! Case Solution In 2008, Rossi upgraded its asbestos litigation liability, consisting of the expenses of settlement payments and defense expenses relating to presently pending claims and future claims forecasted to be submitted versus the Company through 2017 for losses sustained to date. the Company substantially increased its taped asbestos […]

Mobileye: The Future of Driverless Cars, Video 

Mobileye: The Future of Driverless Cars, Video┬áCase Solution This video is a supplement to the Mobileye case. The coo-founder, Chairman, and CTO, Amnon Shashua, went over how Mobileye aims to develop a lasting benefit; how it costs its items; whether it ought to work together or otherwise with Google; and just how much of its […]