Baby’s Dilemma 

INTRODUCTION In the mid of 1986, Funskool was recognized as a combined project between Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) and Hasbro which is the top American international toy corporation. Before combining their businesses with MRF, in 1946,a young businessperson K. M. MammenMappillai released a minor manufacturing unit of toy balloon in Chennai, India. This small divisionset […]

Renault in India 

INTRODUCTION: The CEO of Renault has contemplated to enter into India through a joint venture with Mahindra and Mahindra. Renault came up in a JV in 2005 with Mahindra and launched Renault Mahindra Logan.It ended its JV with Mahindra within a shorter span of time i.e. five years and since then, has been planning to […]

Leadership and Management 

INTRODUCTION: A Few Good Men has displayed an admirable and tremendous form of the management and leadership through a verity of the renowned characters. The film has related with and highlighted the importance of the change from the self-centered to the selfless leadership. However, one can connect the film to various types of the leadership. […]

Rolls Royce Holding 

Introduction Rolls Royce holding is an engineering public company incorporated in Feb 2011,primarily responsible for the delivery of better power and propulsion system for the changing world. The segments of the company includecivil aerospace that is engaged in the manufacturing, development, marketing as well as the sales of commercial aero engines and aftermarket services which […]

Relationship between Supply Chain and Marketing 

INTRODUCTION: The relationship of Supply Chain and Supply Chain managementhas become an increasinglyimportant aspect of the businesses in thecurrent era.The term Supply Chain in business wasinitiallycoined in 1980s in an attemptto improve the business efficiency and effectiveness, thus enhancing the overall productivity and performance of the business. From the inception, the supply chainand supply chain […]