The Wealthfront Generation   

The Wealth front Generation Case Study Solution What is the opportunity that Wealthfront is trying to seize? Wealthfront has been seizing many opportunities in order to grow its business. These opportunities include using artificial intelligence and advanced APIs in order to increase its business. Moreover, the company has been targeting millennial which are born from […]

Through the eyes of the whistle blower 

Through the eyes of the whistle blower  Case Study Solution First, what are the challenges that she is facing?  What impact can this have on her? (Description of the problem).  Secondly, what are Sherry Hunt’s values and motivations? Sherry hunt joined the Citibank as the chief loan underwriter with her team working under her supervisor.She […]

Three Common Currency Adjustment Pitfalls: 

Three Common Currency Adjustment Pitfalls Case Study Solution  It has been a long time since, the accounting standards relates to the foreign currency transactions which have changed.Making the chances of errors and frauds even brighter. Due, to the increase in the exports of the U.S many companies, which were only operating in the U.S. now […]

Thurgood Marshall High School 

Thurgood Marshall High School Case Study Solution Introduction: It is an interesting case study that revolves around “house system” concept. The case illustrates the description of Marshall’s school system that is divided into four parts, the broken down four houses contains 300 students in each of its parts. The faculty comprises of a total of […]

Time Value of Money versus Rent 

Time Value of Money versus Rent Case Study Solution Abstract The case illustrates the deadlock for Rebecca, who has joined the investment bank after accomplishing her MBA degree to either buy a new condominium or should continue to live in her old condominium for $3000 a month. Since she is well aware of the concept […]