VALHALLA PARTNERS DUE DILIGENCE Case Study Analysis Two Model Comparison Valhalla has just introduced a new due diligence process that could facilitate thorough examination of an offered venture investment. While, previous due diligence process carries a step by step strategic valuation. The model was designed to minimize the pre-errors in money valuation process, in order […]

Hotel Vertu: Analysing the Opportunity in the Boutique Hotel Industry 

Hotel Vertu: Analysing the Opportunity in the Boutique Hotel Industry Case Study Solution Financial Analysis In order to assess the viability of the project, a five-year financial analysis of the project has been performed using a growth rate of 5.9%. It is projected that as the result of undertaking the project, the cash flows or […]

Wendell Weeks at Corning Inc 

Wendell Weeks at Corning Inc Case Study Analysis In the mid of 1970s, as a drive to remain innovative, the leaders of the company took decision of entering into the new market and industry, for which, Corning’s head of researchand development put half of the resources of R&D on the development team, as a result, […]

Case: Sonnie’s Gourmet Sandwich Café 

Case: Sonnie’s Gourmet Sandwich Café Case Study Analysis Case Brief Sonnie GourmetSandwich Cafébegan as a fast-casual restaurant company that has been engaged in producing and selling made-to-order and high-quality sandwiches. In order to maintain its high-quality standard, Sonnie Gourmet Sandwich Café focuses on the key menu groups: nine standard sandwiches such as roast beef, pastrami […]

Case: Tasty Treats 

Case: Tasty Treats Case Study Analysis Alternative Safety Stock Amounts The safety stock refers to the additional quantity of units or cases held in the inventory for the purpose of reducing the exposure that the unit or case would be out of the stock. The calculations of the safety stock are based on 95 percent […]