Opx Biotechnologies 

Opx Biotechnologies Case Study Solution VP, Business Development A partnership with other businesses would mean financial growth for the firm. The strategic partnership would carry the firm from the early-stage into a mature stage. The firm would require technological advancement to carry forward with their business development hence a strong partnership with technological firm was […]

Malaysian Development Berhad Fund 

Malaysian Development Berhad Fund Case Study Solution Furthermore, KPMG and Deloitte, who were the auditor of 1 Malaysian development Fund for the period from 2009 to 2014, did not respond on the statement of South China Morning Post report which mentioned that the regulator said that “these international auditors assisting the 1 MDB fund in […]

Marks And Spencer Enters China 

Marks And Spencer Enters China Case Study Solution Targeting strategy of M&S Notably, the company planned to focus on the United Kingdom market by improving the stores, brand, housewares, clothing and food. Also the company concentrated on the narrow segments of the market specifically a high end marker segment, product features which included freshness within […]

Final Assessment Assignment 

Final Assessment Assignment Case Study Solution Global Markets and Systematic Risk What will be the consequences if during the life of project the global financial crises will occur like the global crisis from 2007 to 2009 have occurred? The company’s top executives are thinking about the consequences for its subsidiary which will stop working after […]

China’s Health Care System 

China’s Health Care System Case Study Solution Healthcare financing resources in China In China, it is to notify that the national healthcare expenditures were amounted to $376.94 billion. The total healthcare expenditures’ share in relation to the per capita expense was $279.7 USD and gross domestic product of china was 5.15%. In early 1990s, the […]