Valuation and Financing of Lady M Confections 

Valuation and Financing of Lady M Confections Case Study Analysis The benefits and cost of expanding or growing the business, are discussed below: Benefits: It would increase the stocks or resources, andwould also offer an exponential growth. It would spread the risk of operating the business and reducing the potential of poor decision or one […]

Airbus A350 Ewb V/S Boeing 

Airbus A350 Ewb V/S Boeing Case Study Analysis Question No. 6 The model has been built in excel file and its results are shown in Exhibit 1 of the document. Question No. 7 Generally, the distinction is based on other size specifications, such as capacity, fuel consumption, operating costs, wing size, engine power and cruising […]

Simulation Questions 

Simulation Questions Case Study Analysis In addition to this, if the outsourcing increases by 1000 and further 1000 up to the maximum of 5000, then the point where the profits maximize, is the outsourcing cases of 3000 from the external suppliers, which gives the maximum profits of 12461 dollars as shown in following  table: Table […]


Project Case Study Analysis Valuation by dividend discount model (DDM) The value of the shares is considered to be the amount of dividends that are distributed to the company’s current or future shareholders in the forthcomingperiod,and all dividends are discounted based on risk and time. The value of the shares is basically the net present […]

Nike Cost of Capital 

Nike Cost of Capital Case Study Solution On the basis of the modified weighted average cost of capital; the enterprise value is calculated as $15801.7,out of which the current outstanding debt of $1296.6 is deducted in order to get the equity value of $15801.7. The equity value per share is calculated by dividing the equity […]