Mr. Graham’s 

Mr. Graham’s Case Solution Answer Number One: Mr. Onslo Graham and his wife Daisy Graham have been married for almost 30 years and live in a city with their adult child Rose, aged 28. Mr. Onslo and Rose are associated with a professional hockey team in their hometown since the past 25 years. Mr. Onslo […]

Google- Project Oxygen 

Google- Project Oxygen Case Solution Situational Analysis In 2012, Parsed Petty got appointed at the post of vice president of people analytics and compensation. He quickly identified that there is a need to develop better management although the organizational performing at best, but there was still a space for improvement. To pursue that vision, he,with […]

Associated Legislation Framework (Ir35) 

Associated Legislation Framework (Ir 35) Case Solution Evaluation of the associated legislation framework for Personal Service Companies (PS C)   Taxation system contributes to the efficient working of an economy.With the help of well-formulated tax structure and laws, the government would be able to generate revenue from tax, which would serve the major projects of […]

Eco 7: Launching A New Motor Oil 

Eco 7: Launching A New Motor Oil Case Solution Q 1. Characterize and assess the behavior of consumers in their purchase of motor oil i.e. assess, among any other considerations, the nature of the purchase, the benefits and risks associated with the purchase of the product, the price sensitivity, where it is bought, etc. Consumer […]

Micheal Eisner And His Reign At Disney 

Micheal Eisner And His Reign At Disney Case Solution Question:1- board of director-characteristics & backgrounds At that time,there were three members of the board of directors that are discussed in the case namely; Eisner, Stanley and Disney. Their backgrounds and characteristics are discussed below. Michael Eisner Eisner was an enthusiastic and risk taker by nature. […]