MMA 801 Introduction to Management 

MMA 801 Introduction to Management Case Study Solution Assessment of Organization as Analytical Practitioners: Products life cycle has four stages which are introduction, growth, maturity and decline. In introduction stage, ADESA offers innovative and new model products in consumer market. These products include some unique features form those models that have been introduced before. These features […]

Pepsi Bottling Group and Coca Cola Enterprises 

Pepsi Bottling Group and Coca Cola Enterprises Case Study Solution Repeat questions 1 and 2 for CCE.  Allocate the reduction in depreciation expense in the same proportion as PBG reported for the first quarter.  For purposes of answering question #2, ignore construction in progress. Gross Profit Margin and Operating Profit Margin The gross profit margin of […]

Ace Designers – Competing Through Process Improvement 

Ace Designers – Competing Through Process Improvement Case Study Solution Value stream mapping (VSM) In order to identify any loop-hole of the index mapping system and to optimize it further before implementing it into other product lines; it is essential to conduct the value stream mapping to identify any further cost reduction opportunities in the Jobber […]

Robin Chase, Zip car, and an Inconvenient Discovery 

Robin Chase, Zip car, and an Inconvenient Discovery Case Study Solution What led to miscalculation?   In my opinion, Robin Chase had inadequate expertise which is critically required in order to deal with financial trend and numbers along with the estimated understanding that tend to lead such calculation. Since, she is weak in mathematics, it is […]

Edward Norris 

Edward Norris Case Study Solution Norris’ Action Plan The action plan of Norris is as follows: Develop clear numerical picture of crime Firstly, Norris needs to develop the clear picture of the crime, it would help him in visualizing, mapping and analysing the crime incident patterns, so that he would be able to prevent, anticipate and […]