Energy Gel: A New Product Introduction 

The reason for being at the top are its energy foods which are less costly, have better taste and are highly nutrient which the athletes prefer to buy. Looking at the current scenario of the market leaders, the High-Performance Corporation would face less competition in the market as there are few companies which are engaged […]

Endeavor: Miami Heats Up 

Threats In Miami, the potential to find the high impact entrepreneurs was not known and there are also few potential entrepreneurial mentors. Other problems could also create threats such as Miami can pull the focus away from the other affiliates, drain the resources and generally not work because of lack of local mentors. SWOT Analysis […]

EnCana Corporation-The Cost of Capital 

1.  Cost of Capital Cost of Capital and Its Importance Every Company needs finance to conduct its business effectively. Companiesmainly use equity and debt source for the financing purpose.Both of the Sources required some returns if company raise entire finance through equity source then it has to calculate thecost of equity and if the company […]

Employee Motivation And Retention Strategies At Microsoft Corporation 

Racial Discrimination In January 2001, seven of its black American employees complained of biased practices being done to them and because of that they filed a lawsuit againstthe company. In that law suit, company wasaccused of biased behavior against the black American employees. They revealed being paid low salaries as compared to the whiteAmericans who […]


Strategy of Lilly and challenges faced by Lilly: The primary area of expertise and operation of Eli Lilly is the pharmaceutical sector, Eli Lilly is one of the oldest and well-reputed companies operating in the drug development sector. Since its incorporation, it is the primary business level strategy of Eli Lilly to develop and sale […]