The Rules of Genius: An Innovator’s Guide to Creativity 

Many people define ‘genius’ as someone with a towering IQ; but the author asserts that a genius is “anyone who turns penetration into initiation, and in the process, alters our view of the planet.” He provides 10 time tested principles to ignite a never-ending cycle of creative advancement, including ‘Feel before you think’, ‘See what […]

What Every Small Business Can Learn From Great Family Firms: The 4C Advantage 

For smaller firms that lack the liquidity and also the economies of scale and extent appreciated by large corporations, planning into the future might look as a luxury but longevity is possible. For inspiration, the authors draw on research they have done on SMEs around the globe from North America to South Korea to Europe […]

VisionSpring in India: Enabling Affordable Eyeglasses for the Poor 

VisionSpring enabled accessibility to affordable eye care for low-income individuals suffering from vision impairment in developing markets. Created as a not-for-profit social business in the United States, it sold more than two million pairs of eyeglasses internationally, which included over one million pairs of eyeglasses sold in India. VisionSpring believed there was a long way […]

Growing the Online Portal of Business Fundas 

Business Fundas, a portal site that publishes educational company and management posts, is situated within the electronic publishing sector, which is fragmented and has many players. The start-up company faces many challenges in its efforts to position itself for growth and to take advantage of numerous advanced value propositions and business models. The senior managers […]


INTEGRATING Case Solutoin In the above figure, green lines are indicating the size of positive impacts while red lines are depicting the size of negative impacts. To incorporate with this framework, the policymakers should efficiently analyze the size of all impacts and should carefully interpret the figure. This framework is unique from the others as […]