A&D High Tech (A): Managing Projects for Success Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case is based on a real $ 25 million project at a major U.S. computer manufacturer. For confidentiality reasons, the company was disguised as D High Tech. Web-based online ordering project requires sales and marketing for the holiday season, autumn. If the project gets the window, the firm will lose significant market share to competitors. & D High Tech case focuses on how to create and analyze a project plan in Microsoft Project. In particular, data are given for the construction of the project plan, step by step, and then analyze the plan using Microsoft Project Management tool. In order to make the case manageable for students, we have reduced the size of the project, and an appropriate amount of resources, approximately $ 1 million, but retained all the features of the original design. The project plan is that students construct from the data presented in the case is fraught with risks, and students must apply risk management techniques for the diagnosis of the plan. In the end, the students have to answer management questions: Will the project be completed within the holiday shopping season? This case is the first in a series, the second case, called “D & High Tech (B): Managing Change in the area.” The case also can be taught by other project management software, such as Primavera. “Hide
by Mark Jeffery, Derek Yung, Alex Gershbeyn Source: Kellogg School Management 20 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2006. Prod. #: KEL156-PDF-ENG

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