Social Media? Get Serious! Understanding the Functional Building Blocks of Social Media 

Traditionally, consumers used the Internet to simply expend content: they read it, they saw it, and they used it to buy services and products. Increasingly, however, consumers are using stages-such as content sharing social networking, blogs, sites, and wikis -to create, modify, share, and discuss Internet content. This symbolizes the social networking phenomenon, which can […]

First Mates Wholesale Boating Supply Company 

Introduction: First Mates Wholesale Boating Supply Company was founded in the late 1970s when the Gulf Coast region of the southern United States was booming. It was founded by three charter fishing boat mates. In the beginning, the company focused on selling deep sea fishing equipments and supplies to numerous charter companies that operated within […]

The Kariba Dam Hydroelectric Energy Project 

Introduction Due to the recent collapse of the Kariba dam at the end of the fiscal year 2014, extensive attention was given to this incident. Hence, the majority of the funding was secured, but there was still the need to attain more funding by the project because of the need to deal with upcoming incidents. […]

Ashmark Corporation, Dealing with a Supply Disruption 

PROBLEM STATEMENT: “The reduced productivity level of Red Star, the largest supplier of Ashmark is at the brink of bankruptcy which is forcing the engine manufacturing company to tailor new effective strategies.” CASE ANALYSIS: PORTER’S FIVE FORCES: RIVALRY AMONGST THE INDUSTRY: (HIGH) Despite the requirement of an abundant resource investment as the capital for initiating […]

Crocs (A): Revolutionizing An Industry’s Supply Chain Model For Competitive Advantage 

1. Core competencies of the Crocs Key and Experienced Executives Snyder has brought a number of executives as a think tank of the company, these executives have played vital role in the growth of the company. As Croc has expanded and plans to expand more its operations more in different regions, it will need the […]