GRAN TIERRN ENERGY Case Solution   Q.5 LOCATION ADVANTAGES AND THEIR IMPACT ON INTERNATIONALIZATION AND ATTRACTIVENESS OF BRAZIL FOR GRAN TIERRA The following advantages are associated with the location of the company. The advantages have also created an impact on the internationalization. Also, we discuss the area which attracts Grain Tierra to run their business […]

The Audit of SSM 

The Audit of SSM case solution Background SSM’s business management is based in Philadelphia, and the production and circulation plants are situated in Houston and Los Angeles. You have actually been employed as SSM’s external auditor and have actually been designated to check SSM’s associated celebrations and its relationships and deals with associated celebrations in […]

Mondavi Winery 

Mondavi Winery Case Solution This case examines the company’s inability to express its value proposition to the industry after its unsuccessful venture into being a public a company. The vinery had undertaken an IPO to procure the funds needed to continue to build on this tradition and had a powerful reputation for innovation in the wine […]

Copyright Law in the U.S. and EU 

This note evaluates the essential rules for copyright defense in both the U.S. and EU. It delineate rights and the works protected, the fair use and first sale constraints on copyright, along with the application of these rules to recordings, video, applications, and Internet providers. PUBLICATION DATE: September 25, 2008 PRODUCT #: 309052-HCB-ENG This is […]

The KF40 Line of Automatic Coffeemakers 

Evaluation of the Strategy of Launching the New Product             In the August of 1981, the management of Braun Company had the need to launch a new product in the market. The potential of the coffeemaker business had increased and certainly the expectation of the customers of the company had also increased. Therefore, in order […]