Niraj (A) :Successor’s Dilemma in an Indian Family Firm 

Niraj (A) :Successor’s Dilemma in an Indian Family Firm Case Solution The case explains the dilemma encountered by a youthful MBA individual, Niraj, relating to the choice to enroll in his family’s service in India. Niraj actually invested a couple of years overseas, and experiences some stress to sign up with business, while unpredictable of […]

Alusaf Hillside Project 

Alusaf Hillside Project Case Solution Prices have deteriorated as well as profits have been affected of the aluminum industry. The case inquires this has happened, focusing on the determination Alusaf must make on whether to put money into a major new facility in the face of depressed aluminum costs. Courseware supplies price data on all the […]

FIRA: Confronting the Mexican Agricultural Crisis, Spanish Version 

FIRA: Confronting the Mexican Agricultural Crisis, Spanish Version Case Solution Mexico’s agriculture sector faced crisis brought on largely by a surge in low-cost U.S. imports which resultedfrom NAFTA and inaccessible and/or high-priced conditions of credit for Mexican agricultural companies, in Autumn of the year 2003. It becamehard for Mexican companies to compete, and many were leaving […]

A Duty to Leak? 

A Duty to Leak? Case Solution The government needs to increase the amount of inmates in its prisons (without raising the size of the facilities). Staff to the board has conducted a study that indicates that added crowding in the penitentiary might not be safe, and advocates against approving the increase in prisoners. Notwithstanding recommendation and the […]

Blockbuster Video 

Blockbuster Video Case Solution This article discusses as to why Blockbuster video as the benefit in video retailing.This article also sheds light on the use of revenue sharing contracts of Blockbuster along with movie studios to coordinate the perpendicular chain and Blockbuster’s “Go Home Happy” marketing campaign. This article requires thereaders to comprehend how revenue sharing contracts, […]