Levendary Cafe: The China Challenge 

Levendary CafĂ©: The China Challenge Solution No.1 Multi-Unit Restaurant Business Multi-unit Restaurant (MuR) concept is classified into three industry sections. These are as follows: levendary cafe case solution Specialty Establishments: It includes Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin-Robins, which mainly cover beverages and snacks less than $5. Quick Service Restaurants: This concept also comes under “fast […]

Strategic Responses to Hybrid Social Ventures 

How do established firms react to the entry of hybrid social ventures in their own industries? Hybrid Vehicle social ventures-new companies that combine social missions and business -compete with recognized businesses for workers and customers, but in addition share an interest in the advancement of established businesses’ sustainability actions, creating chances for collaboration. On the […]

Tata Steel Zoological Park 

Tata Zoo has been created on a sizable piece of land at the center of a growing city. As its sponsoring corporation, Tata Steel, has gained more price conscious, there is pressure on the corporation to cease financing Tata Zoo. Some advisors have the view the acreage would be better used for commercial purposes. As […]

Bikanervala: A Never-ending Quest to Delight Customers 

Bikanervala – a maker of sweets and Indian snacks and restaurant chain – had a target to put Indian authentic food in a prominent position worldwide. Its initiatives taken over the years had ranged from introducing new cuisines to streamlining systems, procedures and standards that helped the firm keep customers satisfied. Through these initiatives, Bikanervala […]


Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals: The Next Steps For Growthoeagles Case Solution   The strategy focuses on a product or a small group of products that target a specific market and invest all its resources in that particular area to get hold of the market and can lead that particular business by being consider as specialist in […]