Taxation Case 

BALANCE SHEET AND PROFIT & LOSS The provided excel file has the statement of financial position and the statement of profit and loss. The statement of financial position (Balance sheet) has been prepared according to GAAP. The total assets of the company are $10,776,996. In the property plant and equipment head, the value of tangible […]


CASE # 01: Tax evasion is mainly related to the omission of income on a tax return, which is done deliberately and it may also be comprised of the non-payment of taxes as well as not making a submission of tax returns. The reason behind this activity is to avoid making the payment of taxes […]

Olam International 

Company Overview Olam International was a small cloth manufacturing facility in Nigeria in 1980s when the management of KewalramChenrai (KC) Group decided to vertically integrate into cotton production. They established a cotton plantation in Sub-Saharan Africa from where they began to produce and initially sold them in the domestic market. In 1989, they began exporting […]

Diageo Plc 

Sale of Pillsbury and Burger King Our analysis in Exhibit 2 shows that the Pillsbury contributes 32.11% to the total sales revenue of the group where as the Burger King contributes 7.93%, which indicates that the packed goods represent the second major division of the group in terms of revenue. The same trend continues in […]

Burnet vs. Logan 

The taxpayer sold the shares of mining companies and was to be paid royalties as ore has been extracted from the mines of the corporation. Since the actual questions on the ore will be extracted and, if so, how much and when they were so vague, the court held that the contract rights royalties can […]