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The characters are Lara Jackle and Lynn Graham, the CEO and VP Marketing for LifghtFull Foods correspondingly. Graham and Jackle like Stevia for its inherent qualities that play to the company's and product's strengths: all-natural ingredients, low calorie, nutritious and appetizing snack-replacement satisfaction.

Some board members argue, nevertheless, that replacing Stevia with an artificial sweetener is not going to negatively affect the brand, and may in fact appeal to a larger audience in more mainstream channels (e.g., WalMart vs. Whole Foods, the latter of which does not allow artificially sweetened food items on its shelves). While approved by the FDA to be used as a dietary supplement, Stevia hasn't yet been approved as food additive, a sugar substitute or sweetener. In fact, firms are overtly barred from using Stevia as anything but a dietary supplement and inclusion of the fixing necessitates the company classify the whole product (in this scenario a drink) as a nutritional supplement, not a food.


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