Training Young Professionals in a Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Continuous learning

Work place can develop a school like working environment where employees feel that they can easily learn in the environment. Not only this but they actually learn the ways in which they can adapt to the company’s culture in a manner that helps them to grow with the organization. Transparency of procedures and disclosure to the ways in which top performers have paved their way to the top will further help the new employees in getting motivated to outperform amongst their peers. In addition to all this, manual descriptions short handout and email pop ups can help employees to learn what is expected from them.

Introduce Leadership Program

Another way of informing young employees about the company and its senior management is to introduce leadership program at the company. This can again help new employees or the young employees habituated to the organization where the top performers or the employees with extra spark can become a part of the leadership program where they can be trained according to the concept of developing them as future leaders.

Develop Strong Team Spirit

Once the company has developed a strong and healthy working environment for the young professionals then senior professionals actually mentor and coach young professionals in a natural way, which is used to develop a strong team spirit within the company. It is important to understand that team environment in a company does not come easily. In fact, to develop an effective and efficient team, it is important to look upon certain aspects that include: Team work should revolve around a company’s culture. A company should encourage open and honest communication, which will foster young professionals to interact in a positive manner and develop teamwork among employees. Team spirit comes from the higher management or the senior professionals, who passes on these skills to their junior employees in a natural fashion. In addition to this, a team spirit is a highly encouraging tool for youngsters as the prevalent societal trends suggest. It fills any isolations or a disoriented feeling that a young employee might encounter. Nevertheless, it can’t be relied upon completely, as teams and grouping can prevent new members enter the group or find out their place in the circle.

Play Games

Senior professionals may come up with the idea of training young professionals in a natural manner and in this case the management can introduce different games within the office. Playing games in the organization is considered as one of the healthiest and natural ways of interacting with employees especially the newly hired ones. While playing games, the management can also train young employees regarding the job description and nature at the company. This has been a common practice to actually acclimatize to the young professionals. In the early days, training, mentoring and coaching was done in a formal way where the senior manager opted to conduct training sessions on a regular basis. But since companies have gone ahead, hence, they use various other ways to train employees. Games can be a good way to coach employees or train them on the job. For example in the probation period, employees can be given dummy tasks to perform before handling them the real time tasks. The one who performs better is given award whereas others may get compensated for their  efforts. On the contrary, those who don’t take this seriously need to get trained on how they should follow instructions and if they don’t know what can be the consequences of this.

Rotate Employees

This can again be a hale and hearty way to train young professionals. Once hired in the company, senior professionals can make the young professionals work in different departments.  This can help young professionals to understand the business and the overall corporate culture at the company. Rotation of employees should be carried in a rather effective manner so that the right man ends up on the right job within the company...............................

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