Pret A Manger Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Pret A Manger has been a ready to eat chain of coffee shops that has been selling a range of up market, healthy sandwiches and different desserts along with a variety of coffees to an increasingly discerning set of lunchtime customers.

The company started off in 1986 by two college friends, Sinclair Beecham and Julian Metcalfe, who were unable to find a reasonable sandwich anywhere in the city, therefore they launched their own brand.

The two college friends borrowed 17,000 pound from a local bank and bought the rights for the name “Pret A Manger” from a dormant company. The two friends opened the first store on Victoria Street where they launched the services with the vision of being simple, delicious, friendly and motivated. In 2003, Schlee was made the CEO in 2003.

The major offerings by the fast food chain were its sandwiches, whereas the chain also offered salads, pastries, soups and coffee. The major commitment and the unique selling proposition of the company has been its use of natural flavors, colors and no preservatives.

The major raw material for manufacturing Pret products are mostly sourced from the United Kingdom. The major success factor for the fast food chain has been the fact that the business revolves around the fact that it offers kitchen in every shop which actually ensures the freshness and success of its products.

Along with this, another attribute of the fast food chain has been the fact that it has the strategy of empowering the employees. Pret has been focused on hiring individuals with the consent of the store managers, employees. This has again been a factor that has made the company a successful entity.

The element of bonus, performance appraisal has also been a significant success factor and employees feel valued working for the food chain because they know they shall be treated with decent monetary reward it they fulfill the expectations of the management.

Pret A Manger has been a successful induction in the United Kingdom food industry because it has maintained high standards of the quality it delivers to the customers. Moreover, the management has been quite supportive in dealing with the customers which attract more revenues and more returning customers for Pret A Manger.

Problem Statement

The major problem that has been identified in the case “Pret A Manger” has been the fact that Pret A Manger, which is a London based fast food chain of sandwich shop, has been always known for its fast, genuine service and also the face that it has been preparing all its sandwiches on site daily.

Since it has been taken over by the new management; the board has made a plan to grow at 15 per cent each year. In order to actually implement the plan of the board, the CEO has considered opening “twin” shops in different locations where it is difficult to have a kitchen.

The idea behind this move is to make Pret physically present at all places, whereas the sandwiches should be delivered through a parent shop nearby. As the focus of the chain has been to prepare all its sandwiches in-house; therefore, the idea of having separate shops is seen as an issue for the chain because the unique proposition of Pret has been “Just Made in this Shop’s Kitchen”.

With twin shops, the chain has to change its culture. The question over here is whether Pret employee and customers should accept the concept of twin shops or actually view it as counter to the Pret culture shops or view them as counter to the Pret culture?


Service Leadership

The offerings:

The major success factor for the Pret A Manger has been its offerings. Since Pret has been offering high quality, fresh and well prepared sandwiches therefore, it has been able to attract most of the customers.

Along with this, the product offerings by Pret have been quite unique because it does make the customers wait for long durations to get their meals, sandwiches. Therefore, the offerings of Pret have been quite a positive induction within the industry.

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Furthermore, the offerings of Pret not only include the sandwiches, but it also offers pastries, salads and coffee also. This makes the customers attracted more often because some diet conscious individuals generally go for a cup of coffee along with a salad bowl for lunch. Hence, it can be said that the product offerings are as per the needs and wants of the customers.....................

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