Modifying Merida: Disney’s 11th Princess Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When a well-known mass media corporation revises the image of a beloved and non-traditional film character in a sense that conforms to a stereotype that is physical, their disapproval is expressed by the female members of the viewing audience on a widespread scale. In the wake of the backlash, the business has a choice to make:

Modifying Merida Disney's 11th Princess Case Study Solution

Should it stick with all the revised image, which has been purposefully redesigned to support an upcoming media campaign, or should it revert to the initial picture as a way to appease the viewing public? The case presents both sides of the dilemma, showing the psychological and commercial implications of using one picture versus the other.

PUBLICATION DATE: November 07, 2013 PRODUCT #: W13482-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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Modifying Merida: Disney’s 11th Princess

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