Fiji Water: Carbon Negative Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Reasons for Fiji Success in spite of crowded market

There are many reasons for the success of Fiji. This brand is promoted to be pure as compared to tap water. It has high silica content and it was isolated from pollutants like acid rain. Moreover, the bottling facility used a completely sealed process which saved it from air exposure and other pollutants. The brand is distributed widely in forty countries like the United States,Canada, Australia, Brazil and other countries.

          It also had unique taste which appeal to consumers and the brand was also top-rated in magazines such as Chicago. The brand was also positioned as an affordable luxury. Resnick also utilized its connections with wealthy actresses and business people to promote the product. He was successful in creating awareness and a brand image of the product.

            Overall, the products’ quality, brand image and the distribution channels allowed the brand to penetrate in the market and get successful amongst the consumers.

Green washing and its advantages

This is an attempt to show itself more environmentally responsible but actually it makes fool of people. It lies between the intersection of environmental marketing and fraud. Environmental marketing presents information about their ecological efforts and the effects on environments about their products(Dianna Rose, 2015).

Companies may attempt to green wash consumer to increase their sales and the resultant profitability. On the other hand, it may also improve the image of the company amongst consumers. This strategy could also be used to hide the environmentally harmful effects on its products on the environment.

Law suit and the actions of Fiji

The carbon negative project will prove to be beneficial project for the community. It would result in 115 gram of carbon dioxide being removed from atmosphere on the purchase of one liter bottle. It would also provide its transparent information about its carbon footprint. This is the bold step as it would allow consumers to see the environmental impacts of their consumption.

It would also make use of environmentally friendly resources such as the wind mill to provide energy to the bottling plant. The use of environmentally transport systems would be avoided resulting in the reduction of fuel usage by 50%.
Fiji Water should not change its carbon negative strategy. Instead, it should keep on doing good work for the company with good intentions. When the results of its work would materialize, it would benefit it in the long-term because of positive impacts the activities of Fiji would have on the environment.

Fiji Water Carbon Negative Case Solution

Recommendation of Strategy for negotiation with the government

The aim of the negotiation strategy will be to benefit the people of Fiji. The government should be asked to reduce taxes while there should be collaboration with the government to make available safe drinking water for Fijians. Moreover, it would not transfer its resources to anywhere else saving many employees from getting unemployed. Government should be asked to provide resources to develop infrastructure for the extraction of water resources the use of local people...................

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