CardSwap: Converting Unwanted Gift Cards into Cash Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The cofounder of sat at his desk in the Toronto office from which he managed the company. CardSwap was an online service that provided the chance to consumers to convert unwanted gift cards into hard cash. The co-founder felt convinced that his modest Canadian firm created great value for its customers.

Those who overcome these unwanted gift cards would definitely need to utilize the CardSwap service. CardSwap could offer a solid value proposition to consumers while ensuring a healthy return through fees on each transaction. Issues remained however CardSwap was a relatively small company and had no access to the multi-million dollar marketing funds that may be required to get out a message to consumers via an extensive multimedia strategy. How much should the firm be willing to spend to acquire a customer? How best could this new firm use its limited resources to communicate to customers the advantages that CardSwap needed to offer?

PUBLICATION DATE: September 22, 2011 PRODUCT #: W11189-PDF-ENG

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CardSwap: Converting Unwanted Gift Cards into Cash

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