CARD Group: Mutually Reinforcing Institutions Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

CARD (Center for Agricultural and Rural Development) is a Philippines-based microfinance organization that began as an NGO and has since grown into eight associated entities supplying services to the poor. Under Founding Director Dr. Aristotle Alip's leadership, CARD has become one of the top microfinance institutions in the world.

More recently, larger commercial and fiscal institutions are seeking a slice of the microfinance market. The primary dilemma Dr. Alip faces is: Should he partner with commercial associations to reap gains from their bigger sources of capital and technology expertise? Would that mean compromising his first assignment of elevating people from the base of the pyramid?

PUBLICATION DATE: September 16, 2011 PRODUCT #: 712414-PDF-ENG

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CARD Group: Mutually Reinforcing Institutions

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