ITC e-Choupal: Corporate Social Responsibility in Rural India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Set against the background of under-served, over-exploitation of rural India, this case shows how the use of technology to Indian conglomerate ITC has transformed the lives of many rural Indians at the same time, he was the company. Constantly suffers from an inefficient supply chain in rural agriculture, ITC e-Choupal initiative implemented in 2000. Under this initiative, ITC created a small internet kiosks in villages that allowed farmers to have access to effective and transparent alternative to traditional Mandi for marketing their products. By establishing a direct link between the farmer and ITC, e-Choupal considerably weakened the role of intermediaries, thus providing farmers more money for their products. In this e-Choupal of ITC not only to ease the problems of agricultural supply chain, but also achieved the benefit and economic recovery and empower the Indian farmer. While e-Choupal was conceived as a response to the ITC in its supply chain woes, ITC quickly realized that they had discovered a delicate balance between the achievement of corporate profitability and the creation of social contribution. Given the many problems faced by poor rural Indians, ITC expanded its e-Choupal framework of the basic services such as access to health, education and information. They even kept in touch with other companies, including fast moving consumer goods companies and financial companies to deliver products and services to rural Indians, who had commanded a huge premium, or were simply not available. Transformed into a platform for community development, e-Choupal was the eradication of poverty and the gradual destruction of the rural isolation, even during the ITC continues to enjoy the benefits of functional procurement and distribution chain cost. "Hide
by Ali Farhoomand, Saurabh Bhatnagar Source: University of Hong Kong, 26 pages. Publication Date: June 30, 2008. Prod. #: HKU765-PDF-ENG

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ITC e-Choupal: Corporate Social Responsibility in Rural India

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