AirAsia India: Clash for the Indian Skies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Equipped with an air operator's license, Air Asia, a Malaysian low-cost carrier airline, is preparing to go into the Indian aviation market. AirAsia is referred to as an aggressive player globally. It intends to make use of hostile pricing strategies and get competitive advantage in the air travel market through operational targets that are exceptionally competitive.

How will AirAsia India's entry and its competitive pricing choices operate in the Indian aviation market that is oligopolistic? How will the barriers to entry affect its operational goals? Will its entrance cause a clash in Indian skies and interfere business equilibrium? What strategies should AirAsia India pursue in such a market for growth and long-term survival?

PUBLICATION DATE: September 19, 2014 PRODUCT #: W14454-PDF-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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AirAsia India: Clash for the Indian Skies

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