Tenmou, the Angel Investment Group in Bahrain Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the month of October 2013, Hasan Haider, CEO and co-establisher of the Tenmou Angel Group in Bahrain, had doubled Tenmou's investment financial resouces from Bahrain Dinar (BD) 1 million to BD2 million (to approximately $5.4 million).

Since its establishment in 2010, Tenmou had invested half of its capital-about 0.5 million BD-in 17 Bahraini startups.

As of the time of the case, cofounder and Haider and Tenmou chairman Sami Jalal were expecting the demand for more capital in 2014. Haider was realizing that to have any long-term effect on the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Bahrain and to place Bahrain as a magnet for the MENA's very best entrepreneurs, much more cash would be required. Haider was considering opening up a concurrent attempt to organize a $100 million fund, which will be the largest in the MENA region by far. He had given himself till the end of 2013 to decide. Notably, as now structured, he would not receive any of the profits if Tenmou portfolio companies left. The Tenmou case bridges two places associated with entrepreneurship. One is economic development policy. How can private investment initiatives be optimized for economic development goals, especially in emerging markets? The next is entrepreneurial finance, in particular, programs and policies that discourage or encourage the flow of funds to entrepreneurial ventures.

Tenmou, the Angel Investment Group in Bahrain case study solution

So, the Tenmou case could be used in graduate and undergraduate classes in public policy, entrepreneurial finance, economic development, social innovation, and the like. The case may also be utilized in regional interventions in order to provoke discussion about family business' function in nurturing entrepreneurship, along with the restrictions of government engagment.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Tenmou, the Angel Investment Group in Bahrain

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