Tapping the innovative business potential of innovation contests Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Innovation contests are increasingly used by companies to identify new ideas for better servicing their customers; however, the level to which new ideas are provided by the invention contests has been not encouraging. This case is about a large innovation competition through which we analyzed the role of three components of the online discussion circumstance to forecast whether innovative ideas are created during the competition. The 3 entities are: (1) the discussion thread’s number of variety (i.e., variation of participants’ familiarity with the topic or organizational heritage), (2) the number of for versus against posts that have been made in the discussion before to a participant’s post, and (3) whether the discussion contains previous posts from the participant prior to the innovative place. We discovered three perfect profiles for an individual generating creative thoughts: (1) he or she posts after participants that have significant variation in acquaintance with the issue, (2) he/she posts on threads in which contributors focus their posts on adding their own standpoints, not on arguing with others, and (3) he/she has not previously posted. These findings lead to specific consequences for managing innovation contests.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP



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