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Sandvine Incorporated is basically a networking company which is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The broad network products of the company range from billing, service creation, security and congestion management. The products that are targeted by Sandvine include DSL, cable and mobile. These network products are target towards consumers at the tier 2 and tier 1.

The company was formed in August 2001 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. There was a recent Cisco acquisition that was closed, known as PixStream. 30 people from this formed a team to form this company in 2000. The company was launched with an initial investment of about 20 M Canadian dollar through a venture capital funding. After that another round of financing was also completed in 2005 worth 20 M Canadian dollar.

The technology of the company focuses on mainly control of spam, quality of service, P2P throttling, usage-based billing and quality management. The company today is one of the exhilarating ride with a team of 500 people.


The three major competitors of the company are Blue Coats Systems Inc, Allot communications Ltd and Arbor networks Inc.


This company was found in the year 1996 with the name of CacheFlow. The headquarters of the company are located in Redmond, Washington. The customer base of the company is more than around 15000. The company is known today as one of the leading business assurance technology specialist. The products of the company are used on a large scale by public agencies, governments, hospitals and also by enterprises.


This company provides IP services for the optimization solutions to the service providers, enterprises and carriers. The technology used by the company is basically deep packet inspection (DPI) which is used to change the broadband pipes into smart networks, that are then used to offer application control, complete network visibility, and subscriber management. $ 105 million sales were subscribed by the company in the year 2012.


This company is basically a software company which was founded in the year 2000. The headquarters of the company are based in Burlington, Massachusetts. The company is selling network monitoring and network security software to the internet service providers according to the company’s claims. The main feature of the company’s products is that the products are used to protect botnets, denial of service attacks and computer worms and also works to disable router efforts.


The five forces analysis of Michael Porter is used to analyze the level of competition in the industry. This model uses five forces which are used to analyze the strength of the competition in the industry. Sandwine Company falls in the networking industry. The five forces have been analyzed below.


Since the number of suppliers is low in this industry, therefore, the buyer power is very high in this industry. The product differentiation is very much high in the networking industry, therefore, the power of the buyer is low. The size of the buyer is high which itself makes the buyer power weak in the industry. The buyers in the networking industry fall into two categories. The first category is of the individuals and the second one is for the enterprises. Since, the suppliers are huge in size and dominate this market, therefore the overall buyer power is weak.


The number of suppliers is few therefore, supplier power is strong and they can dominate the industry. Since the services provided by the company are also differentiated therefore, the supplier power is high in the industry. The suppliers will dominate the market. The availability of alternative suppliers is low and the switching costs are also very much high, therefore, the suppliers have a strong position in the industry.


The threat of new entrants will identify the power of the new competitors that want to enter this industry. New entrants will have to bear large costs to enter into this industry. This will prove to be a big threat against those who want to enter this industry. The investments in research and development are another area where huge capital will have to be invested and this all will take a long time. Therefore, this is a specialized industry and the threat for new entrants is very high in this industry....................

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