Nokia Seimens Networks Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Branding a Global Merger from the Inside Out


A multinational telecom equipment and data networking company, known as Nokia Siemens Networks is a joint venture between Siemens and Nokia and Headquartered in Finland. Nokia was a company based on Finland whilst Siemens was a German company. The company is known to be the fourth largest manufacturer of equipments in the world in terms of revenues after Ericson, Huawei and Alcatel respectively. The company has operated in nearly 150 countries in the world. The formation of Nokia-Siemens Networks was a collaboration of Nokia’s Network business group and Siemens Communication division. The merger of the two companies was formally announced and established in 2007. The official launch of the company took place in Barcelona.

Problem statement:

The case mentions how the new joint venture has been perceived by the employees of both the companies. It also explains how the company has conveyed the new brand image of the company by various means to the internal employees of the company. The basic measure taken by the company was internal branding. The case also points out various challenges and opportunities in terms of making parallel branding efforts for external customers to the marketing and branding efforts for internal employees. External factors were handled by marketing departments and internal by Human resources.


Q1: Based on a given case study, analyze how the 6 As Brand Engagement Framework was applied with respect to employee branding at Nokia-Siemens. Comment on its effectiveness and recommend alternative suggestions where appropriate.

Brand engagement can be defined as a process through which companies form a bonding between a brand and the individuals associated with it. These bonding can be internal and external as well. In the process of brand engagement, a formation of a rational and emotional relationship and attachment has built among the brand and a person associated with it.

Internal branding can be defined as using various internal communications to make employees connect with a brand and they in turn bring awareness and positive brand image of the organization to the customers outside the organization.  For that, the company needs to have a strategy that is based on internal communication. The strategy should match the culture of the organization. As in the case of NSN, it was a merger of two companies that is Nokia and Siemens. It is mentioned in the case that both the companies were of different background in terms of culture. The operating models in both the companies are entirely different as Siemens is more decentralized whilst Nokia is more structured and centralized. In this scenario, the company needs to use innovative strategies to build brand into the roots of the new company.

In order to do that, NSN has developed a unifying personality that was independent of the strongest brands of Nokia and Siemens. For that, The branding and HR teams worked together with the consulting company, Lippincott to examine NSN’s positioning. The teams analyzed existing market reports and conducted several hundred in-depth interviews with senior managers, analysts, and selected employees (product unit, functional, and regional representatives).

The brand personality of NSN was based on the three factors that were based on analyzing the internal behaviors of the company. These three internal behaviors include pioneering, Passionate and Pragmatic. Pioneering was based on being a leader in the market through bring uniqueness and innovation in the brand. Passionate was based on being inspiring for customers and dedicated attitude towards customers. Last factor includes Pragmatic that is based on being open to communication to bring efficiency and adaptive in the organizational culture.

The brand personality of the company was a success, and the company received positive comments from everywhere. However, there was a problem from the employee side as they were resistant to change and forcing management to hold their older ways of working in any way and not willing to change it. As a result of this, the company developed three key themes of internal branding for NSN. These themes include Network, Care and Discover. With the help of “Network” factor, the company would be able to work together as a global team creating knowledge networks. Through “Care” element, the company actively supports work-life balance and well-being of the employees of the company. Lastly, with “Discover” theme, the company provides tools and resources to shape personal and professional growth.

In the overall procedure of internal branding........................

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