Recommendation Memo Report Memorandum Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


This case basically highlights the business practices of the globally famous Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Partially the memorandum is based on the overall business strategy of the Four Seasons. The remaining part of the memorandum comprises of the practically applicable and business oriented recommendations which can help the Four Seasons flourish in a more optimistic manner. These recommendations are based on the positively adopting and maintain the local culture and improve the financial considerations where required.

I have observed that, Four Seasons has been successfully doing expansion across the globe. Similarly, Paris has been a real success story for them by working in accordance with their strategy. In my view, there are several elements which have been playing their optimistic role in the success of Four Seasons.  I found that the way management of Four Season deals with the cultural differences and the mindset of the staff members is quite impressive.  Four Seasons basically have a management structure that allows the firm to preserve incomparable and consistent standards which directly helps in maintaining the exceptional quality. Despite of dealing exceptionally well with the business and cultural dynamics of Paris, Four Season need to become more aggressive and committed in certain areas. Since there are some tough legal requirements in Paris so therefore Four Seasons must make team of local legal experts and lawyers, which would help them in dealing with the current as well as the expected problem.

Moreover the French culture is quite different as compared to America therefore I would additionally recommend that Four Seasons must raise their training standards by adopting the local cultural obligations that can play a real optimistic role in the proper expansion of the business. To overcome the issues related to employee engagement and the absorption of the French culture I would highly recommend that Four Seasons must arrange the cross functional workshops for the both the local and international employees. They could even hire a business consultant to run the operations in a more optimistic manner.

Moreover, I would also keep my emphasis on a fact that some necessary changes can be made in their conventional standards like to offer wine at every table might make the customer feel bad because of his cultural norms and obligations. I would also like to highlight the cost related issues which needs to be controlled because in the year 2001 there General and administrative expenses have reached to $65,416 as compared to $59,532 in the year 2000 and the company must also try to increase their earning per share which has seen some reduction in 2001 as compared to 2001 (Refer Exhibit 1)...............

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