Rana Plaza: Workplace Safety in Bangladesh (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Color cases must be printed in color in order to ascend their level of effectiveness. On April 24, 2013 the Rana Plaza factory building collapsed in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Many of the victims worked for garment factories, their key clients were Canadian, US and European companies. Export contracts to such companies had assisted Bangladesh to become the world's second largest clothing exporter. Rana Plaza was not the first tragedy to happen in Bangladesh's garment industry, and devoid of intervention, more might follow. International brand owners, domestic and foreign authorities, labor unions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), stepped up to discuss their responsibilities for enhancing states for Bangladeshi garment workers.

Rana Plaza Workplace Safety in Bangladesh (A) Case Study Solution

PUBLICATION DATE: September 04, 2013 PRODUCT #: 514034-HCC-ENG

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Rana Plaza: Workplace Safety in Bangladesh (A)

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