Ontela PicDeck (A): Customer Segmentation Targeting and Positioning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 02: Create a positioning statement for your chosen target persona and identify the key themes thatshould be emphasized in the messaging for the PicDeck service to this segment.

Position Statement (Choose the best one)

Position Statement: Facing trouble sharing pictures…??? You know where to go, PickDeck!!!!

Position Statement: Picture sharing was never so easy... PickDeck has made it for u!!!

Position Statement: You don’t share pictures... You PickDeck it!!!

Position Statement:Share through PickDeck if you really care!!!

Key Themes

The key themes which Ontela should focus on while promoting PickDeck to the potential target market, is the category or the segment of young individuals should emphasize on the following theme. Since the selected target persona is young individual Steve who is not well acquainted to the latest technology trend and is rather a simple person who does not have enough time to explore new technologies and learn about them.

Therefore, the key theme to attract this category or segment, Ontela with its brand PicDeck should inform the target audience about the attribute of PicDeck as a convenient and easy to use software which can allow them to send the pictures to potential customers rapidly. Along with this, another message which should be delivered or portrayed by Ontela should be the value proposition of the brand. It should inform the target audience about the reliability and the ability of PicDeck to send photos rather quickly and easily with no transferring time at all.

Along with this, the company Ontela should also deliver the message in which they introduce the photo editing option also. This will again add value to the product PicDeck. The proposed plan is not a difficult task to achieve for the company because Ontela has already developed a venture with Picasa.

Question 03: What are the risks of using qualitative personas to select target customer segments?

The risk of using qualitative personas to select target customer is that the qualitative data or persona is considered as a risky move because it does not give the exact figure or calculation of the selected persona. The data extracted through qualitative method can be misread and misinterpreted by the respective personas. For example, the qualitative data is more often than not the biased solution or the biased interpretation of any particular data.

In case of young professional who is a real estate agent is the target market or the persona which is not a very frequent user of the innovative or the new technology, and he should not be considered as the only target or the persona market for PickDeck because eventually for now he might be the potential market. But in the long run, with quantitative analysis the results might change and turn in favor of the other two candidates or target markets discussed in the case. Therefore, it can be said that judging the target market via qualitative data or analysis can be a risky move.Along with this, if numeric data is not discussed or analyzed, it eventually is a biased analysis because of the lack of overall impact of the persona market. Therefore, to come to a conclusion it is necessary to analyze the situation through qualitative and quantitative analysis so that the result could be unbiased and could serve the long term needs of the company Ontela with its new product PickDeck.

Along with this, another risk for using qualitative personas to select target customer segments is thatthey do not provide the details of all the targeted markets. Sales objectives to be achieved based on the qualitative data is a risky move itself because eventually the company Ontela will not be able to find the appropriate solution to the problem.


Finally it can be said that, as per the case the selected target market or the persona should be to initially target Steve the young real estate agent to become active user of PickDeck launched by Ontela. The reason is simple, Steve is the most appropriate person to initially target because he is someone who is not an active member when it comes to using latest technologies. In fact, he does not have enough time to use innovative and new technologies because of the tough working hours and schedule where he has to work on weekends also. Keeping this in mind and since Steve is an educated person, Ontela should focus on selling PickDeck to this customer segment who is basically looking for convenient goods which can be easy to use and efficient............................

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