7-Eleven Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 2

Jim Keyes, CEO and president of Seven-Eleven Inc., had great strategies for emulating the Japanese concepts. The best thing he did was figuring out the factors due to which Seven-Eleven U.S was not able to increase the sales and growth in recent years. The main element he figured out was that there was a need to bring innovation and change in the concept of convenience stores working in the U.S. He figured out different ideas through which he could emulate the Japanese concepts in the U.S market. The first thing which was outstanding was that he wanted to promote the fresh food concepts in SEI. For this reason he figured out new ways of distributing the fresh food all over U.S stores. He wanted to have more than a combined distribution center, because the distributors had to cover long distances which would have compromised the quality of the food. So the distribution was outsourced, giving contracts to different suppliers.

Another strategy of Jim was that he wanted to promote the fresh foods in different ways. He had an aim for providing the type of food, through which dashboard diners could have been targeted. This was a great way to emulating the Japanese concept. One of the best suggestion of Jim Keyes was that he was taking efforts for strengthening the relations with the suppliers. In the past SEI was not involved in the practice for strengthening the relationships with the suppliers. They always believed in the culture of giving priority to the prices of the products rather than emphasizing on the quality of the products. So, he brought the Japanese culture of making a strong bond with the suppliers, giving priority to the quality of the products rather than on prices. This was a smart move as this would have encouraged the suppliers to provide best quality they had to SEI.

Though Jim Keyes had great strategies for emulating the Japanese concepts, but he was missing a few basic things which could be quite worthy if applied. The main thing which Jim Keyes missed was a perfect plan for marketing the fresh foods. Even though the loyal customers' bank for SEI was high, but the main issue was whether they would give a positive response to the fresh food concept, that Jim was planning on. For this purpose, he would have thought of different ways of marketing the new concept brought by Jim Keyes.

Moreover, Jim was not caring about the cost of meeting high standards. Though he was emphasizing on the best standards and better convenience stores, but all these efforts would have cost a lot. Similarly, Jim Keyes was not working in the Information Technology as SEJ did for maintaining its inventory. The basic ideas were followed in the management of the products. Jim should have used POS system for management of the inventory and POS have had connected the stores and also giving information about the products which were not being sold frequently.

Question 3

There are different ways through which the company can increase its market penetration and promotion of its fresh foods in SEI. Companies require perfect marketing efforts so that they could increase the promotion of their products and increase the brand awareness. Similarly, Jim Keyes, wanted to emulate the Japanese concept of fresh foods in Seven-Eleven stores. For the successful marketing of the new fresh food program, there are many efforts which can be implemented.

The marketing of the new fresh foods program can be done in a way that SEI should organize different activities at its stores for gaining the interest of the public. The interest of the people can be gained in a way that different showpiece or snacks should be given as a gift to the customers for trying the fresh foods at SEI, there should be a discount or buy one get one free offers should be given for tasting or trying the fresh foods presented at SEI. Moreover, there should be lucky draws coupons given to the customers for buying the fresh foods from SEI. These efforts can give promotion to the fresh food program started by SEI.

Moreover, SEI should also involve in the practice of giving free samples of the fresh foods to the customers of SEI, who only had the intention of buying the cigarettes and snacks from the store.This could have been the great effort for increasing the relationship with the customers and hence, making them try the product anyway. Similarly, another effort that SEI can take for increasing the marketing of the product will be that SEI should provide free home delivery of its fresh foods and other products as well..............................

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