Livelihood Advancement Business School Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Dr. Reddy's Foundation (DRF) was established to focus on offering education and livelihood programs in India. The case deals with DRF's advanced program called Livelihood Advancement Business School (LABS), under which vocational training programs are conducted to update the skills of underprivileged, semi-educated and unemployed youth. These programs develop marketable and special technical and work-related skills and supply entry-level jobs to the target group. The LABS program fills an important difference between companies' need for skilled youth and potential employees who might not have credibility, skills, training or access to such occupations. The instance describes DRF's entry into this particular market sector as well as the difficulties that it faced along the way. The instance also examines the following facets of the LABORATORIES program: tracking systems and processes; partnering relationships formed to enlarge its presence and outreach to the target population; challenges related to ensuring good wages and skilling the differently-abled youth; and prospective future directions for the program.

PUBLICATION DATE: November 22, 2012 PRODUCT #: W12326-PDF-ENG

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Livelihood Advancement Business School

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