Northern Forest (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Northern Forest (A) Case Solution

This article requests the students to emphasize on the boom-and-failure behaviors in the Northern Forest sawmill business. Stakeholders, from landowners to sawmill owners to environmentalists to government officials, all need to make sure the total interest in saw logs, as driven by sawmill ability, will not exceed the speed where the trees are growing.
They don't need sawmill demand to "overshoot" the productive capability of the forest resource, a classic issue in renewable resource markets the area had experienced about a century before. Pupils are called upon to use system-thinking skills (evaluation of benchmark styles of behaviors, causal loop mapping, and stock-flow mapping) in creating their causal hypotheses of the underlying system construction. The studentsare requested to design system-construction policies to help keep up the business and the natural resources of the area.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

PUBLICATION DATE: March 05, 2004

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