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Bono & U2 Case Solution


Individual creativity: The four C model of creativity developed by James Kaufman and Ronald Beghetto identifies four developmental levels of creativity. Please apply this model to the development of U2 as a band. In your answer, discuss the path they followed from defining and establishing themselves as a band to their current status as a professional band with many classic “hits”.


The word creativity itself can be very confusing to understand, as the meaning of the word varies from individual to individual. Creativity is a very descriptive word that can comprise of a number of factors which can be translated into the activities of the performing individuals. Where does an individual lie in the process of creativity and how they have been evolving throughout the process can be evaluated with the help of using the creativity model established by the James Kaufman and Ronald Beghetto as it enables in identifying position in the continuum.
As a band, U2 has grown enormously from being a teenage group of four individuals who started off by playing in front small audiences in college competitions to playing for audiences in thousands seated and standing in huge football stadiums.



In the beginning, due to lack of equipment and understanding between the band members, U2 started off by playing covers of the historical and legendary bands that have been popular in their times and still acquire a strong and large fan base. U2 in the beginning was not able to gain a large fan base for their musical efforts as they were not known across the country and they were presented with opportunities that only allowed them to play cover songs.


After the band was formed, the band members started to practice and jam together. The band started playing to comparatively larger audiences. The band increased their focus on the genre of the music they would be playing for the audience. While the band transformed with their musical genre, Punk rock had hit the country and the industry was revolutionized with the new genre of music. U2 which was named “Hype” at that time shifted towards playing punk rock music and practiced songs that belonged to the respective genre.


As the band started to get famous in community and neighborhoods, U2 started jamming more frequently and they realized that it was time they had started writing their own lyrics and sing their original songs for the audiences as this was necessary for them to grow as a band in the long run. The lyrics of the songs were written during the jam sessions and how they went along with the few chords that were known by the lead guitarist of the band. Original songs of U2 were a main aspect in the growth of the band in the long-run.


U2’s fan base increased as the band was now producing their own original songs in the music industry. The popularity and the record sales of the band had drastically increased. The band has now become a much more mature band and with respect to the individual role play as well. The lyrics of the band are now more inclined towards their childhood experiences and how life has been to them. The lyrics of the band highlight the things they have been through as individuals and how they have been at loss. U2 is much more influenced by the religion of Christianity and they have increased on producing such songs that depict a much more spiritual side of their personality...............

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