Volkswagen Group: Driving Big Business With Big Data Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1

VW Group was founded in Wolfsburg, Germany in 1937. VW Group established its manufacturing plants in different countries like Mexico, China, India, Russia and U.S. In 2013, VW Group was conducting operations in over 150 countries and became a leading auto manufacturer in the world.

The VW Group’s strategy in 2018 was that Volkswagen wanted to be the most successful and fascinating automaker in the world by 2018. The top key drivers of the strategy were innovation and technology.VW Group had a goal of reaching the annual sales of 10 million vehicles worldwide by 2018. The goal would be empowered by the four activities such as; emphasizing on the innovation and technology satisfying the customer needs, increasing unit sales by capturing the share of growth markets, increasing its return on sales before tax and being the top employer of the industry globally.

Big Data can be used by VW Group to achieve its goals. Big Data was a tool which provided storage capacity, higher than the typical software. It also provided features, like capturing, storing, managing and analyzing data for the company. Big Data can play a vital role in achieving the VW Group 2018 strategy. Innovation and technology are the main drivers for achieving the strategy. Big Data may provide data about the consumers and the upcoming trends of the automobile industry. Through the data the company can analyze the expectations of the customers and what are their expectations regarding the automobile industry. Also, they can come up with a plan that identifies the elements which can give directions to the ideas and the use of technology for perfect implementation of those ideas. Nowadays, the new technology which includes Smart cars or Hybrid cars is being launched in the automotive industry.

Through analyzing the data about the upcoming technologies and new ideas by different companies in the automobile industry, VW Group can also launch Smart Cars which do not emit carbon dioxide and are good for the environment. VW Group can study global warming effects through the data provided, conduct R&D and come up with the ideas that how the VW Group can bring changes in its cars, so that it will have a good image in society and this will result in increased sales of units. Furthermore, the data from different countries can be analyzed through their cultures so that the cars can be designed according to the environment and culture of different countries.

Volkswagen Group Driving Big Business with Big Data

Question 2

If I was the head of VW passenger cars within the VW Group, then I would have made effective use of Big Data to achieve the strategic goals of 2018. The key drivers of the strategy are innovation and technology. So, I would have first searched for the data regarding the present and upcoming trends in the automobile industry. The data would have given me the clear picture of the technologies being used in the automotive industry for increasing the satisfaction of customers and increasing the brand image in the industry. After analyzing the data I would have had made plan that the changes I could bring in VW passenger cars in terms of innovation and technology. The environment friendly cars would have been my first priority, as the customers are more concerned with the healthy environment.

The feature I have preferred through the comprehensive analysis of data is that I would have gone for the development of an engine which runs on electricity or its hybrid. Though there are other companies also which are involved in the production of smart or hybrid cars, but I would have made it different from other cars in a way that I would have induced technology in the cars. For instance, the relationship between car and consumer would have been developed. This could have been done through the Big Data in a way that the customers will have all the current detail of the car in their smartphones. If the car needs to charge battery or other problem arises in the car, then an update would have been sent to its user online.........................

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