Micawber Capital: For Mission or Profit? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In July 2010, senior manager at Micawber Capital, Robert Drake, one of the biggest microfinance organizations in India, needed to urge a corporate structure and organization for Micawber after its scheduled IPO in August 2010. The IPO would bring to Micawber new stakeholders, mostly financial institutions.
Drake was suspicious that the new investors shared the obligation to help alleviate poverty in rural India through microcredit loans of Micawber; he assumed their primary interest proved to be a good yield on their investments. Both objectives- improving ROI and meeting the fiscal needs of the inferior -seemed at odds with each other. Drake needed to contemplate in what way the interests of clients and investors would be represented in strategic conclusions so that they balanced the conflicting values of the stakeholders.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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Micawber Capital: For Mission or Profit?

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