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HP China Case Solution


China Hewlett-Packard Company (CHP) has since quite a while ago spoken to its North American guardian in Asia. Hewlett-Packard's operations in China incorporate deals, assembling, innovative work, and administration units. Its expansive cluster of offerings incorporate PCs, servers, information stockpiling gadgets, printing &imaging items, organizing gear, endeavor programming, and IT administrations.

HP's Beijing-based operations incorporate a branch of HP Labs. HP initially settled conveyance operations in Beijing in 1981 and China Hewlett-Packard was set up in 1985.

Enormous innovation organizations like Cisco Systems, Intel, and Microsoft (major competitors) have all made huge wagers in China, an officially tremendous business sector for business software and hardware. However, with China's economy debilitating and its declining stock exchanges, U.S. tech monsters might havea troublesome time there.

Hence, the objective of the case is to make a situation analysis in HP workplace and provide the solution for maximizing the profit and come up with better outcome.

Situation Analysis in Workplace:

In HP, the intensity of labor is very high, such as; the workers have to finish the HP production line in just three seconds and continue this for ten consecutive hours each day and even sometimes, the management demands work without breaks. This is a severe issue that shows adverse impact on their physical and mental health.

Therefore, HP is facing challenge of consumer demand and pricing pressure from other competitors, who are adopting aggressive marketing strategies to promote their servers and PCs and also loosing market shares due to Lenovo, who is focusing on HP’s target market in North America and Europe.

Along with this, the HP has made changes in its top management after the worker protests, which highlighted their difficulties in doing business and also lack of earnings led the HP to replace its CEO in order to solve HP’s problems. Therefore, HP faced various challenges,which include:

  • HP had no organic growth from its revenue
  • HP was following admirable values as management philosophy, where no one get fired
  • Lack of innovation, and
  • Development of new products as well as market in order to achieve competitive advantage.

Proposed solution:

In these situations, the leadership is the main power and extrinsic need to meet the broader mission and goal. Due to lack of leading quality, the HP culture of invention, customer focus, and people value over profit was lagging behind....................

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