GOOD BEER BREWING COMPANY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Social Media marketing

Currently, the social media marketing campaigns has increasingly liked by the marketing department of every second firm. The majority of the younger generation can be easily targeted by the social media campaigns as they have a larger presence on the platform. For that the company can create a Facebook page of the two seasonal brands and can promote their products on the particular targeted audience. Updating the product information and giving promotions over the Facebook can generate greater audience interest in the two brands. Facebook IQ is also one of the best tool that can be utilize by the company to target the correct audience.

The other social media platform is second to none, Instagram. A huge audience follows the Instagram profiles which can range from different products to famous personalities. Constantly updating the Instagram profiles with the latest photos of the brand can help customers getting to know more about the product. Linking the Instagram posts to the two products website will be hugely beneficial as the customers can visit the website and can read about the new offering.

The third and a popular way of marketing your product online is using the YouTube videos. The good beer brewing company can efficiently post the product ad on the YouTube videos. The ad will run on most viewed YouTube videos and can help in gaining the younger audience attention. The videos that are liked by the younger audience can be suited for the promotional activities.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords can help the company in upgrading the website listing on the search page. Customers can find themselves on the company’s websites by following the tags with much ease. Using the keywords are basic key to gather more and more customers to your new brands. The keywords that are famous among the youth for the beer can be pave way for such marketing attempts.


The beer cans with special edition packs can attract the younger eyeballs towards the products. Coming up with new and exciting packing will entice the customers and they will buy the product. As discussed earlier, while packing the product company can use eco-friendly raw material that are not harmful for the environment. The younger generation is a lot caring towards the environment than their older generation and can choose the beer brand with eco-friendly material.


Following the current trend, the good beer brewing company can make a healthy partnership with one of the music streaming platform as a consumer marketing partnership. The music streaming company can be Spotify which is much closer to the younger generation or with the age group of 21-25 years. The company can promote their product or can announce some sort of discounts or chance to win tickets on the customer’s favorite holiday spots.

They can even create their own playlist on the music streaming website and can invite  the listeners to submit their favorite song to the playlist. By doing this, they will be awarded free beers which will keep the customers engaged with both Spotify and the latest brands. The customers can track through the music website and listen to their recommended songs that will be posted by the Good beer company. The new partnership can be a great way to interact with the new audience. Music and beer can be the ideal fit for the many listeners and for the two companies. This campaign can be classified as nicely integrated digital marketing campaign with the help of all the tools offered by the music streaming website.


The good beer brewing company can take advantage of the latest concert events or festivals involving the young generation. The company can promote their product at these sort of events which could help them getting greater number of customers. Events such as beach parties are one the idea opportunities to promote the product as it allows the youth to take a closer look at the product and they can even try the product at the beach festivals.


The two new product’s pricing will have to be dragged down as it is targeting the younger generation focusing on their buying power as well. Apart from this, they have to be more competitive amongst the other major players they have to win the market in price war. The fixed cost and other variable cost may remain the same as the total production capacity is 14000 hex to liter. The lower price will allow value preposition for the two products, which will lead to its purchase.


The Good bear brewing company is planning to introduce to new seasonal products in the market for which they have four age groups. The 21-25 years age group just have 18% customer base for the company which they need to increase in an attempt to increase the sales over 28%. Therefore, the two products that have been chosen are afternoon Ale and Spring fever Berry as they are much liked by the younger age group. To continue with the marketing plan, initially the company can promote its product through Facebook and other social media platforms like YouTube. Secondly, a decent partnership with the music streaming website can further benefit the company in marketing their beer brand to their targeted audience. The festivals and beach parties can be another useful places to market the product as these place are mostly surrounded by people of 21-25 years age group. Lastly, if the company can keep the prices lower than its competitor than it has greater chances of making a mark among the targeted customers..........


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