ENCANA CORPORATION Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Strategic Goals and Strengths Related to competitors

Vision of the company

To be the leading North American Resource Play company

 Strategic Goals

As it has been stated by the company’s vision, the company believes in delivering strong operational and financial results by discovering and developing high quality resource plays in North America. The company also believes that the reason behind its success is efficient operations of resource plays compared to its competitors. (Encana, Our Strategy, 2016)

Invest in high value assets to maximize cash flows

The company wants to be more profitable as compared to its competitors as the company values profitability over production volume. Moreover,the company’s major focus is investment in limited numbers of core growth plays that can play potential role in profit generation.

The company also focuses towards operational optimization in order to reduce cost and to maximize profit and shareholders’ value. The company’s strategic goals also include the development and discovery of those potential resources, which help the company to build a solid portfolio of oil and natural gas which will enable it to maximize its profit and encourage more investors.

Growing cash flows per share throughout the commodity price cycle as a measure of success

                The company’s objective includes maximizing the shareholder’s value as it was stated by the company’s strategic goal that the company believes that it will increase the shareholders’ equity by focusing on the strategy discussed above.Furthermore,the company will do it by delivering strong financial results and sustained profitability. (Encana, Our Strategy, 2016)

 Strengths Related to competitors

 The company has several strengths which differentiate it from its competitors, and these include it diverse geographic coverage and portfolio of assets which allow it to keep an edge over its rivals. Moreover, the company has occupied a highly competitive land across North America which enables it to discover more promising resource plays. (Encana, Our Operations, 2016)

In addition to this, the company has a strong research and development department which enables it to find the most optimum and potential locations for its future operations. However, the company also has high operational efficiencies which allow it to make more profits with reduced cost. Furthermore, the company is financially strong enough to fund its current projects and to invest in future projects. The company also has joint ventures with well reputed firms such as Petro-China which enables it to operate more efficiently and profitably. Moreover, the company is also well known in the region and is awarded among the 50 most socially responsible companies because of its CSR activities.

For better understanding of the strengths and challenges, SWOT analysis has also been performed for Encana Corporation which is mentioned in Appendix 1

Customers and Key Stakeholders

 As far as the key customers are concerned, it can be seen that the company’s targeted customers are individuals who need energy solutions while the company also give its services to corporate clients and companies. Moreover, the company is known as exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil.

 However, as far as the key stakeholders are concerned, they include landowners, governments, competitors, customers, employees, shareholders, regulators, investors/financial institutions and synergy groups. These stakeholders play a vital role in the company’s composition which is why the company counts them as key stakeholders. ..................

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