Four Seasons Goes to Paris Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Four Seasons Goes to Paris Case Study Solution

Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification

The recommended solution is to train and develop the employees, and provide intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for them, to make them participate, as described, by Dyczkowska & Dyczkowski (2018) that “Involvement of employees in managerial activities is a precondition for developing performance-based rewarding strategies, and that such involvement makes the employees more satisfied with their work.”

Decision implementation step requires managing all the expected and unexpected consequences to successfully achieve the set goals. Effective communication from the start with problem identification step of the decision making process to the implementation and monitoring & control alternative;it is very important to change the attitude of the French employees in the Four Season Hotel, because it is the root cause of the problem. Through training they will develop selling skills, and will be taught how to tweak some rules for customer satisfaction if necessary. Through engagement; they will feel more involved and motivated, which is the best method to increase the productivity. If class room training doesn’t provide the desired results or the morale of the employees don’t improve, other methods or training like role play and learning through gaming activities should be implemented. Even if it results in increased expenditure, the company shouldn’t be worried about this extra expenditure, because the success of this solution will reap much greater benefits both monetary and non-monetary than its expenditure.

Ratio Analysis
Liquidity Ratio
Current Ratio4.375.66
Financial Leverage Ratio
Debt Ratio0.280.17
Profitability Ratio
Net Profit Margin30%29%
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