Personal Improvement Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Change Concept

To overcome emotional issues a person must apply the theory of emotional intelligence and take guidance from the points mentioned below:

•    Becoming self-aware is the key, i.e. to understand the feelings and thoughts a person is going through. It can be developed in many ways like recording the various emotions and analyzing them, increasing the emotional vocabulary, paying attention towards the intensity of emotions, etc. better change can be brought if the monitoring is done carefully.

•    Be more expressive and allow the feelings to exit and share the emotions, thoughts and beliefs with others.

•    Searching the inner passions and engaging in the kind of work that excites and brings out the passion of a person into work.

•    Knowing the strengths and weakness for a person is very important as they will guide a person towards the path he was in search of.

•    Be explicit to the views and opinions of others and try to understand their meanings and reasons as well and be more empathetic rather being sympathetic.

•    Respond to others in the way you want to be responded and give away your best suggestions to others.

•    Be socially responsible. Which involve some levels and try to engage and give your best, either by donating or involving personally and joining a cause to help others who need.

  • Be flexible in your approaches and try to give more time understanding rather jumping at conclusions. Stay happy because this will not allow you to stress out.
  • Reduce stress at work and try not to get overwhelmed at work because this will make the employee less productive and less effective on the job and rewards seem dull to arrive.
  • Come on time and leave on time. Don’t take work at home and try to finish the work in the assigned period so that the life become easy to manage and work and personal life don’t gets interrupted.
  • Create a schedule that seems balanced and organize and prioritize things, and take the task that is under the achieving limit and avoid over-committing.
  • Be self-aware at work place.
  • Self-management is the key to avoid stress at workplace.
  • Try to get the sense clues which will help you to calm and energize in stressful situations as it will help you recognize that situation and will help you to see the possible reaction and the outcome.
  • The body language is very important at work place and also understanding and getting hints from the body language is also very important to get possible outcomes.
  • Be positive in the approach when it comes to resolving conflicts with other Coworkers.

Deming’s Four Assumptions

1. Optimize the entire system

Positive psychology will bring emotional intelligence in a person that will guide him towards emphasizing and understand the core issues of others as well as the ones related to him. It will directly impact on his performance at work or any other place and will eventually guide the person towards a happy and successful life. A person will be able to use the skills and abilities in the right manner not just for himself, but for the organization he is working.

The key words of emotional intelligence like, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management are the key to optimizing the approach for a change. Self-awareness will help in recognizing the feelings and their impact and will guide in making decisions. Similarly, self-management will help in adapting the change by developing the ability to control emotions and behavior. On the other hand social awareness will guide to become socially comfortable as it develops the ability to understand sense and react to the emotions of others. The best part about the relationship management, as it will not only help in resolving and managing conflicts, but will help to influence and inspire others.

2. Cooperation

Cooperation will help in increasing abilities to sustain relationships with other people in the organization either senior or junior by discussing and sharing opinions and helping each other. The ability to compromise and discussion to resolve conflicts will also be developed.  Interactions will become easy to give and take, and interactions will not be submissive or overly directed and this will eventually benefit by working as a team and will prove fruitful. When employees cooperate with each other the outcome is always positive.....................................

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