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Florida International University Case Study Solution

Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification

Through the deep analysis of above alternatives, it can be seen that on the basis of 5 decision criteria, Alternative 2 is suggested by 60% of the criteria, while Alternative 1 is only suggested by 40% decision criteria. Therefore, Alternative 2 is recommended to Tom. Although, the Alternative 2 would raise the short term problems to be faced by Tom, but it would give long term benefits to him in terms of increased reputation in the company if Tom would be successful in implementing his plan. (Hallowell, 2000)

For the sake of implementation, he should gather the effective market data related to his plan and Frank’s dubious sales projections first and then present the data in-front of Shannon to convince her. After convincing her on the idea, Tom should build strategies to implement his views and put all his efforts to prove himself right. He should avoid the criticism by Frank and focus on the long term goals.(Bhas in, 2018)



Exhibit A: Evaluation of Alternatives

Alternative 1: Do as Frank directed, change the style to suit Frank’s agenda and implement the strategy stated by Frank



·         If Tom decides to go with the Frank’s direction, he would face low level of criticism by Frank in future, it would be easy for him to continue the position.

·         Tom would require low level of efforts to prove himself, as he would be doing according to the direction of Frank and no one would blame him severely, in case he fails to achieve the target.


·         There seems less chances of achieving target, as Tom is not motivated towards his work and would perform at its full productivity.

·         Tom’s motivation towards work will be low in the case, as he does consider Frank’s strategy to be a worth solution for increasing sales growth.

·         Chances of success for Tom are less as Tom’s ideas, which can give a competitive market position to company and result in increased reputation of him at company, would not be implemented.


Alternative 2: Expose the dubious sales projections of Frank in-front of Shannon with strong evidences and convince her to increase web-based services


·         There are high chances of achieving the sales target under alternative 1. As Tom is quite sure about his calculations, he would be motivated towards work, and do his best to achieve the target to prove himself.

·         Motivation towards work would be high if Tom succeed to convince Shannon. He would put all his efforts and abilities to achieve the target.

·         If Tom succeed to convince Shannon as well as to achieve sales targets, he would be applauded by the company’s management and would get a far better position in company. Therefore, the chances of success for Tom are high under alternative 2.


·         Level of criticism by Frank and the senior marketing specialist would be high. Tom would have to face short term criticism from Frank and other officials and continue his efforts in such environment.

·         Tom would have to put all his efforts to prove himself in-front of others. He would require huge analysis before initiating kiosk services.



Exhibit B: Decision Criteria

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