Boca Juniors Case Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Boca Juniors Case Analysis Case Solution


Soccer is one of the most popular spectator and participatory sports in the world. According to FIFA, soccer has 265 million players in 207 countries. It means that in the world 1 in 25 people played soccer. The largest share of the soccer players isfrom Asia with 85 million players and in America 70 million, in Africa 47 million and in Europe 62 million. If one counted the performer as a proportion of the entire population, then Europe and America have the lead with over 7% each. Therefore, Soccer has around 238 million fans. Moreover, BocaJuniors club is a soccer club which is located in Argentina.

Boca Juniors Club was established in 1905. It was the most popular club in Argentina among soccer fans and it is also one of the most decorated clubs in the world. The club achieved total 16 international and 22 national championships. The club has enlisted and grown dozens of celebrity players. In the seasons held from the year 2005 till 2006, Marci improved its net profit to AR$75 million which is thrice the amount of the company’s total income. However, even with the strong performance on and off the sports ground, Marci has faced a constant array of challenges to persuade the club’s diverse communities including its more than 50 million fans and 50,000 members globally, players and governing board, and coaching staff, as maintenance Boca afloat economically. Therefore, most of the players have come from Boca Junior club as it is one of the leading soccer clubs in the world. In order to maintain its position in the market, the company has faced many challenges from other clubs.


The problem is that most of the Europeans teams are interested in Fernando Gago and Rodrigo Palacio; these two players are the most talented players of the team. The two European Countries (Span and Italy) want to purchase these players from the Marci. However, Marci discussed this issue with its management team as whether or not the club should sell its players to other teams who make a lot of money for this club. In addition, this offer would be in the favor of the company as it generates more money for the club. Moreover, the biggest advantage of this trade is that it would improve the profit margin of the company and brings long term stability.  However, the question arises whether this is a good choice for Boca Juniors as a brand and as a team or not.


Q.1: Understand why passion for something or someone can become a key factor to success in the management of a sports organization?


 Passion means that different things for different people and being passionate in the business are the key to success. There are three most important reasons why I think that being passionate is the key to business success, which are; it fuels commitment, it helps you to make sales and it keeps you satisfied.

Passion creates motivation and it is also a sign of excitement, enthusiasm and entrepreneur ism. The success of the business is dependent on the management team of the organization as to how they effectively planning their entire process. In order to achieve success in the business market, the management team needs to choose passionate workers that promote the brand name, image in the mind of customers. Moreover, the sports manager always should have an eye on the bottom line. The management team should think strategically as it helps the organization to maintain its position in the market....................

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