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Clique Pens should develop the Market Development Funds (MDF) that includes the mixture of ideas of both the Logan Chen and McMillian as this will help the company to attract the larger customer groups as well as maintaining the good relationship with the retailer. This means that it’s better for the company to adopt and develop the retailer-oriented MDF programs in the current condition in order to gainthe largest market share in the industry as well as it is requiredto make some investment onthe promotional and advertising activitiesthat directly target the customers. However, this approach will allow the company to increase the sales and the profits of the company.The promotion of the brand requires the company to create the awareness about the brand among the customer by using different online and offline marketing tools.

If the company adopt this method, it will help the Clique Pens to increase the satisfaction level of the customers andretailers. With the implementationof theretailer-oriented MDF programs along with promotional and advertising activities, the company will get the opportunity to gain and hold more shelf space inretailers’ stores in comparison with the other companies in the industry. Furthermore, it will increase the brand awareness among the customers that may result in the higher purchases of the products.Using the recommended approach will provide the company with the opportunity to improve the benefits for both the customers and retailers as well as help the company to anticipate the purchasing behavior of the customers.

Additionally, the company should charge higher prices of its product offerings as the customer in the industry are not much price sensitive.By charging the high prices as compare to the current prices of the products will help the company as well as retailers to improve the profits. The company can also introduce different prices in order to attract the different customer groups. The most important benefit that the Clique Pens will get from usingretailer-oriented MDF programs with the promotional and advertising activities directed towards customers will reduce the situation of conflict between the Logan Chen and McMillian. 

Question 4

There are several challenges and risks that the company may face while implementing the above proposed recommendation. The most important challenge that the Clique Pens may face during implementation is the misallocation of the capabilities and resources of the company that can cause inaccurate andunsatisfactoryoutcomes. In addition to this, the company may suffer with the risk of having inadequate investment in comparison with the cost that is required for the implementation of the plan.

Another most important risk that the company may face during the process of implementation is that the competitors in the industry may introduce better promotional programs that may create a threat for the company. Also, the changing buying behaviors and market trendsas well as preferences of the customers towards the brands may serve as another challenge during the process of implementation that creates the threat of reduction in the profitability of the company. However, another risk is that the company may face is the inappropriate pricing of the product to target more customer.

Clique Pens Case Solution

Moreover, these risks and challenges might be addressed by continuous analysis of the Clique Pens internal as well as external environment that may impact the company’s effort to get the desirable results. These risks and challenges can also be evaluated by measuring the performance of the proposal during each phase of the implementation. As this will help the company to analyze the performance during the complete implementation process and also to make any changes that may affect the company to achieve desired results......................................

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