Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center Video Supplement 2012 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 03: Consider Figure D on page 20, which Problem would you recommend they address first? Why?

hmc case solution

hmc case solution

Out of the all the problems stated in Figure D, the problem that CCHMC should address first is the communication problem. The reason to recommend communication as the first problem to be addressed is because of the fact that although it has average individual quantities but the cumulative percentage for communication is around 77% to 78%. This shows that the category of percentage is quite high. As the case discusses, the lack of communication at the hospital has been a daunting drawback at the initial stages where because of the lack of communication among departments led to various incidents and accidents at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Once the hospital develops a strong communication process at CCHMC, the performance of the hospital can enhance directly. This can be done by aligning all the departments together to coordinate and communicate with each other and serve patients’’s needs in a better way. A common practice at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center was to make sure the beds were occupied and the number of patients were always available in the ICU that made the hospital and management to earn maximum revenue, which was a negative idea because being a part of healthcare industry; the most obvious and significant purpose of the hospital should be to deliver accurate and appropriate diagnosis to each patient. Therefore, each department should be aligned with one another so as to enhance customer satisfaction and the ratio of satisfied patients or children should increase. To increase and improve upon this, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center should develop strong communication system among all the departments operating at CCHMC.

Question 04: What do you think about CCHMC’s improvement team’s policy of transparency? Are they being too open with their performance data?

The policy of transparency adopted by Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has created a positive impact on the organization. Since, the induction of the transparency policy at CCHMC’s, the overall performance of the non-profit organization has transformed and moved towards the betterment of the overall performance of the healthcare company. The transparency at CCHMC made the healthcare organization realize and understand that the BMI results at CCHMC were below average when compared to the other centers. The transparency also indicated that by the help and support of the transparency the physicians were able to inform the child’s report or progress to their parents while indicating the overall functioning of lungs and the nutritional status.

It was because of the CCHMC’s improvement team’s policy of transparency that improved the overall performance within the healthcare organization, which accounted for improved efficiency and effectiveness of the care center. The team’s policy of transparency also improved the overall lungs functioning and it also focused on airway clearance along with the daily techniques to outperform the patients to eventually clear mucus from their lungs. The method of transparency made sure that the healthcare organization along with its employees was on the right track to serve needs of each and every customer. Transparency made sure that all the mediocre performances by the clinical staff was highlighted and was changed for the positive. This was possible because of the introduction of transparency.

With the introduction of transparency at by Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center the performance data became quite open and easily accessible for the physicians and the patients and their families. As the case states, sharing data with the patients and their families helped the company in a positive way. Now as the performance data was quite open to all, the management was keen to perform better and served needs of patients in a better way. It also helped in lung functioning and the nutritional status.

Although it was bold and blunt move by the management but it was a good decision in the long term because sharing information and data made the CCHMC to improve the efforts and strive to become the number one health care service provider in the country. In spite being too open with their performance data, CCHMC improved itself in the long run and it actually made the hospital to become the most consistent and reliable hospital in the town. With this move, the strategic vision of the non-profit organization also changed for the betterment, previously the beds were occupied to recover maximum amout invested by the hospitalbut since the data was shared; hence, patients and their families knew about their patients’ status made the management to become proactive and aligned to the vision and mission of the company................................

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