Leadership Development at Goldman Sachs Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In November 1999, 11 of the Goldman Sachs "best come together to put the final touches on a revolutionary plan for leadership development. Following the explosive growth of Goldman during the 1990s and its subsequent IPO in 1999, a diverse group of leaders from different companies were selected to "assess future needs for training and development of Goldman Sachs, with particular attention to the need for a more systematic and effective approach to management." After six months of brainstorming, negotiating with Goldman Sachs colleagues, interviewing experts, and a comparative analysis of best practices, it's finally time to present their findings to the Management Committee. At the briefing contained a comprehensive development plan leading to the specific recommendations on how to solve some important design issues, including: location, teachers, content, format, method of target audience , management, sales and sponsorship. Nobody sits on the management committee were based on the official program guide to reach the top. skeptical as they can be? How to convince hard-nosed bankers to leave the table and invest valuable time focusing on what many perceive as "soft" issues? "Hide
by Boris Groysberg, Scott A. Snook, David Lane Source: Harvard Business School 23 pages. Publication Date: November 3, 2005. Prod. #: 406002-PDF-ENG

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Leadership Development at Goldman Sachs

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