WEBINTERPRET Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



1. The reason for writing this article is to increase the awareness of readers about the Web interpret Company and its core operation areas for conducting business.

2. The reasons behind the wide usage of the Web interpret`s services by various small and medium scale corporate entities and organizations that do not have international exposure and presence of their own will also be identified and highlighted in the article.
3. This will require a complete and comprehensive study of the working culture, values and ways of doing things of the management of the Web interpret in order to present a just and complete view about the organization.(Webinterpret, n.d)
4. Webinterpret Company is a global ecommerce and ITbased solutions and service provider to various corporate entities and organizations all over the world irrespective to the field of life that they represent and function for.
5. The main purpose and the theme of the management of the organization is to assist various small and circumcised organizations that are seeking for feasible international exposure.
6. It provides promising platform for its products in attractive markets all over the world as itdoes not have the required resources and capabilities to do so on its  own.

1. The management and the owners of the Web interpret have prepared and adopted a set of values and principles that are carefully adopted with in the organizational operations.
2. Webinterpret’s core values and culture are defined in order to be more efficient and effective while providing services to the clients and customers of the organization.
3. These core principles of the Webinterpret define what the company is all about because itserves as a foundation and basic principle for the business and operations of the organization.
4. The core values of enthusiasm, foresight and flexibility of the management of the Webinterpret define the company`s values to the customers of the organization with respect to business entities that are looking for the services in the respective field.
5. The excellence, creativity and teamwork part of the organization`s core values define its value and commitment as per the services that it provides to its clients and customers.
6. These core principles that the management of the organization hasadopted and implemented include the following.
• Enthusiasm.
• Foresight.
• Flexibility.
• Excellence.
• Creativity.
• Teamwork.


1. Interpreter was initiated and founded by two individuals, Patrick Smarzynski and Benjamin Cohen as partners of the organization.
2. The founding fathers of Webinterpret met while pursuing their professional and advance studies of IT and business at the EM Lyon business school.
3. Web interpret initially started working from the home country of the founders in France in the latter half of the first decade of the 21st century.
4. The initial operations of the Webinterpret were based on using voice over the IP through a platform that was designed and developed by the Co-founders of the organization.
5. It allowed and assisted the users to communicate on multilingual conference calls and it was something that was relatively new to the ecommerce industry and the market that was never seen and witnessed before by the customers and clients of the industry.
6. The services and the reputation of the organization became acknowledged and adoptive in relatively a few years of its service and this assisted the owners of the company in arranging extra finances in order to improve the services through research and development. The development of the SAS solution system of the organization is an outcome of this.(Webinterpret, n.d).................

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