Eli Lilly: Developing Cymbalta Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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  • Pros & Cons  of Pursuing a Twice-a-day Dosage Pain Claim

Differentiating the product with an advantage of pain relief would help Cymbalta grow in the market. As Cymbalta would be launched as a successor to the Prozac, whose generic versions would be supplied once the patent got expired, hence, the differentiation of Cymbalta as a pain reliever would be launched as an entirely new product. But that is not enough, as Cymbalta needs to prove itself after the launch, as its launch will drive competition in the industry. With a fringe benefit of relieving pain and a perfect dosage for depression, Cymbalta will attract physicians who are confronted with depression and pain signs at the same time.

On the contrary, physicians may refuse to prescribe the drug because of the fact that pain rests in the mind of the depressed patient. In addition to this, patients suffering from severe depression like MDD can’t be risked at the expense of double dosage requirements. In addition, drug testing of Cymbalta do not prove to be extremely satisfactory in reducing pain levels and this is an implication that the drug may fall apart in the market place. If the patient don’t feel better from the twice a daily dosage he or she may take extra dosage, which will result in side effects.

  • Pursuing Once-a-day Dosing

This option prevents the twice a daily dosage of Cymbalta and makes its dosage coherent with other SNR1, which is a type of antidepressant that selectively blocks the uptake of serotonin and nor-epinephrine in the market. Nevertheless, the comparisons of the Cymbalta and Prozac both seem to show that Cymbalta is in every way better than Prozac that may not be the case when Cymbalta is exposed to the market. The question posed for Eli Lilly now is that, when Prozac is threatened by the entry of the low cost (80% less than the Prozac’s original price) generic versions in the market then why is Eli Lilly launching the Cymbalta so much before the time.

Cymbalta would definitely be an expensive product given the R&D costs it had incurred but Eli Lilly needed to analyze that would it be able to sell Cymbalta in the market as a pain reliever when the market is full of such relievers. The consequence of which would be that Cymbalta would not be able to generate revenues as Prozac used to generate for Eli Lilly. Nevertheless, better positioning in the market might help Eli Lilly to gain advantage of the succeeding version of Prozac.

  • Pros & Cons  of Pursuing a Pursuing Once-a-day Dosing Regime

The utmost advantage for this regime is that patients easily accept the single dosage of medicine and do not miss it, which means they have full compliance to the physician’s prescriptions. This will help Cymbalta to come in head to head competition with the existing products that are on QDs-QD-Once Daily Dosing. Once it penetrates in the market well, then Cymbalta can modify the product to relief the pain by attracting competition from an entirely different segment.......................................

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