Oil Refining in China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Strategic planning for the international oil and gas companies, Ed Chen was given the responsibility for China's oil refining industry to look for potential investment opportunities. Worldwide demand for transportation fuels has been on the rise, and the government clean fuel standards are becoming stricter. As refineries struggled to adapt to a tightening of requirements for product quality, those who are able to efficiently produce a high proportion of light oil from heavy and sour crude flourished most. Processing capacity of the world is expected to increase substantially in the coming years, with China contributes most of the growth. Construction of the plant was expensive task anywhere, although the estimates of construction costs were much lower than in Asia. Ed asked, is there a place for foreign competition, or if it was just a game the locals. "Hide
by Mark Stimson, Ka-Fu Wong Source: University of Hong Kong, 20 pages. Publication Date: January 8, 2007. Prod. #: HKU631-PDF-ENG

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Oil Refining in China

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