Whole Foods Case Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Whole Foods Case Case Solution

Porter’s Generic Strategy in Respect to Clothing Industry Examples

At the core, Walmart has been leading the market with its lowest price, a brand sells large range of apparel at least prices to attract largest number of customer. The company has been effectively doing so as it has cost advantage over market players. Louis Vuitton follows differentiation strategy, the perceived value is comparatively high,  premium quality and brand image makes brand differentiated. Uniqlo, maintains low-price and cost focus strategy, thereby seeking a cost advantage to sustain for long time. Lacoste has maintained its stance as a globally acknowledged company, hence fulfill the demand of its limited customer base by providing differentiated products (Porter, 2017).

Porter’s Generic Strategy in Respect to Airline Industry

Air Arabia is one of the low-cost airlines and it has been growing at a very fast pace. It has an effective strategy to achieve a high financial results for the business. In contrast, Emirates has adopted differentiation strategy by providing high quality services for the purpose of gaining the benefits against its competitors. South West Airline is a low- cost and fun airline that allows convenient and frequent travel. Lastly, private jet companies primarily focused on selected customers who can afford expensive travel (Kumar, 2017).

Porter’s Generic Strategy in Respect to Hotel Industry

Quality Inn & Suites is one of the top-ranked quality brand that enjoys competitive advantage by having lowest cost it gained huge market share. Marriott hotel fulfills customers’ demands by providing multiple amenities and it is one of the leading hospitality provider which makes it differentiated from its competitors. Americana Village is a cheaper hotel situated in the USA, it charges lowest price to its customers. Lastly, Acqualina resort targets limited number of customers and provides exceptional services with wide range of resort facilities (Vermeulen, 2015)..........


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