Milan Sanitation Department Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Milan Sanitation Department Case Solution

1         Strengths and Weaknesses of the New System

There are several strengths and some weaknesses in the new system. The advantages of the new system are more than its drawbacks. The first and major advantage of the new system is that it increased the profitability of the company without incurring excess cost. Another advantage of the approach is that it increased the overall performance of the company in terms of profitability, productivity, and efficiency. In addition, the approach was quite flexible which allowed the workers to share their ideas and recommend those initiatives, which can add substantial value to the operations.

However, another advantage of the new approach was that Mr. Sponza converted eight departments into eight shops and the case is about the brake shop. Moreover, these shops had different operational levels, converting them from departments into shops increased competitiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, Mr. Sponza met with employees personally to address their issues and to work on their given suggestions and recommendations. Finally, it can be seen that there are no weaknesses in the new system. However, the investigator thinks that there may be some issues in future related to performance, motivation, and morale of employees because of  a change in working standards. Other than that, they find the system wonderful.

2         Agreement or Disagreement with the Approach

As far as acceptance and rejection of the approach is concern, it can be said that the approach is acceptable; since, it provided several advantages to the firm. Moreover, the approach changed standards of procedures and operations. However, the approach started to compare the total value of output, which was done in a shop. This allowed the company to analyze that whether the operations are profitable, or not. In addition, if the management thought that the operation showed low performance consistently, then the operation was discontinued. Moreover, the total value of output approach allowed the management to check the profitability of operations with their competitors, which ultimately lead the management to more productivity...............

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