Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino (B): Improving Performance with New Core Values Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Issue/Problem Statement in Bahamas Resort of Atlantis:

Whether the new core values will enhance the performance of the company and retain the customers in the highly competition competitive environment”

Analysis of the Data:

New investment in Bahamas and opening of new resorts has created some problems for the Bahamas Resort of Atlantis.Due to the rise in competition it is getting hard for Atlantis to recruit the best employees, retaining the customers and finding the new ownership for the resort, which has seriously affected the future prospects of resort (Chambers, 2010).

The hotel industry in Bahamas has been greatly affected due to increasing alternatives for the customers. Moreover, with increased investment new destinations with new ideas are opening and posing a great threat to the already established resorts. Rise in competition and options to choose the resorts has increased not only for the customers but also for the employees because new resorts need experienced employees and for that they pay huge incentives. which makes switching from one place to other easier and recruiting the employees has become difficult with increased demands of remunerations and facilities.

Atlantis developed a new mission and vision statement recently,hence reaffirming to provide the best vacations and travel experiences to all sought of customers, even though the new mission and vision statement has been embedded effectively however there are concerns that some problems still exist in the resort (Bahamas, n.d).

The feedback from customers and employees is mixed; the ratings for some areas are improving while in others they are declining, this shows where the problems are taking coming from.

The ratings in the area of recreation and checkout have increased over the years. The ratings of recreational facilities have increased from 822 to 825 in one year and from 820 to 825 in five years’ time, however the ratings of Checkout have   increased from 829 to 834 in four years’ time.

The ratings in the areas like service have declined from 757 to 745 and the ratings of value have declined from 598 to 589 in four years respectively.

The feedback from employees has also showed some areas which has been affected, however the overall feedback is improving with the time, with two main areas that showed some concern to the managements are where less employees agreed that the manager and leaders in the company are active role models for the core values, and that the vision and mission of Kerzner make them believe that their work is meaningful and important for the company. These two factors show the problem behind lacking to recruit the employees as they might feel more valuable at the new places opening in Bahamas and prefer to work there. However, it contrasted with the affirmative answers to the item where employees were asked if they believe Kerzner International values.

The problems highlighted show why it is getting hard to retain the customers due to the change in the taste and interest of the resort’s guest. Also, the resorts need to provide and align the facilities according to specific types of customers to overcome the problems and maintaining the competitive advantage, and to make sure they retain the customers.

The management is focused to revisit its mission and vision statement adopted in 2010 and the core values of Atlantis. The management has decided that the mission and vision will stay the same, but they will change the core values of the Atlantis and update them to reflect the current realities of business by incorporating guest, team and owner expectations.

The new core values are decided after long democratic process, including all the management and some low level staff members. The eyes focus on Atlantis would be able to successfully revise the core values, and they would be able to tackle the issues through the revised core values (Resort, n.d).

Possible Alternatives:

The management in Bahamas has these possible alternatives to tackle the issues arising in the Bahamas Resort of Atlantis. The possible alternatives are:

  1. More investment to provide all facilities to every possible guest and increase benefits for employees.
  2. Extensive marketing about the facilities and job ads in newspapers and websites.
  3. Changing the core values (already in process).

Key Decision Criteria:

The key decision criteria for judging the alternatives is through analyzing which option gives the best long term solution for the problems that persists in Atlantis, such retaining employees for long term not only because of the material benefits, but also because of other factors like feeling valuable, good future prospect and advancement in the career, and good managerial capabilities of managers.........................

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