Sun Microsystems Inc: Web Services Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Microsoft and Sun Microsystems IBM expelled from the board of the organization of interaction of Web-services (WS-I), an industry consortium that will determine the evolution of Web services standards. Sun managers must decide whether to join the WS-I as an active member - less influential role that lacks veto and agenda setting authority board position. Sun work leading IT vendors - including several WS-I board members - to create technologies that compete with the proposed standards developed jointly by Microsoft and IBM. Therefore, Sun can use fear protracted battle standards among IT users and suppliers, which could pressure on Microsoft and IBM, to change its position on the WS-I board positions Sun stakes were high, web services - software modules that communicate over the Internet within and between firms, the interaction for a variety of hardware, operating system and platform, programming language - were to become the dominant technology for enterprise computing. "Hide
by Fernando F. Suarez, Thomas R. Eisenmann Source: Harvard Business School 19 pages. Publication Date: Mar 08, 2005. Prod. #: 805095-PDF-ENG

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Sun Microsystems Inc: Web Services Strategy

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