Czech Mate: Jake and Dans Marvelous Adventure Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Frame it in the workflow

Carrier and Dan have planned to fix the process of PSEM by shrinking the number of the steps followed in the manufacturing and assembling of all automobile parts.

Current Process

Starting from the first step of assembling in which the workplaces were bearing and A-shield in the electric motor. At the completion of the A-shield assembling the operator or the worker, uses a machine to remove all impurities from the automotive parts and attached B-shield and connector to the motor. Thirdly, along with the cleaning of electric motor components the operator would place a power generation device in the automobile. In the second last step, the third workstation will send the electric motor for noise examination and in the fifth workstation electrical transformer and electromechanical devices would be assembled into the motor that will finalize the process of assembling.

Revised model

The company has decided to combine steps one and two that are of A shield and B-shield assembling. It has determined that both the steps would perform at a single workstation which would also reduce the wastage of time of the operator. Similarly, Step three and four would be placed under workstation two because both assembling processes involve cleaning at separate times.So it would be better to perform cleaning through the air gun machine at one time with another important task. However, the last step would be performed separately to finalize the product completion.

Two officers were allocated to observe the out comings of both manufacturing systems on a daily basis. The officers have sorted out that the just-in-time technique must follow along with quality management. In order to build these plans into actions, the company has decided to implement a lean management system that creates value for the end user by using their skills to eliminate waste material.

Break down into To-do list

Carrier and Dan have broken down each step of assembling to resolve the basic problem. Initially, they opt to eliminate the need to place the inventory on the shelves that took huge spaces and time to get organized. Then the company would develop a free space for a single piece in front of all operators. Hence, the space provides the signal to the predecessor workstation to move their part of the work forward to that empty space workstation.

Evaluate Progress

In the end, the result of all these efforts shows that the assembling process is going into the similar pace with the company’s vision. However, feedback has also been conducted from an individual operator regarding increased pace of work over a period of more than nine days. The result shows that the procedures are so much user-friendly and helping the operators to use the full capacity of their time. However, the operator’s satisfaction was not long-lasting because they have been working on the traditional ways for a long time.

Resistance and Change management process

The big fact that the procedure got failed is due to the resistance exerted from the operational worker to follow the same previous procedure. In order to cater this issue, the senior management must implement a process with the help of Kurt Lewin’s change management process. This process will address all the hindrance provided by the operator and will also provide a framework for the application of the change.


The Un-freezing platform is plausibly one of the most important levels to recognize the scenario that requires changes in the concerned organization. This unfreezing phase actually prepares the user to get ready for the change. It highly emphasis on the acceptance of change that change is essential and reveals that the one who never tries new ways of doing things will slowly and gradually moves towards their career death.

In this process, the company must conduct surveys that would tell the senior management the level of change acceptance and rejection.This process of attitude survey will also serve positively in terms of information deliverance between the top management and the staff at grass root level.

In Czech mate, the operators are resisting to adopt new and efficient ways of performing tasks  on the field. This is the alarming situation for the management that makes them feel that change is compulsory and it needs to be taken on an urgent basis. Furthermore, if the new procedure get successful which it is definitely being that it would highly motivate the workers at each level, because the growing company will grow with its employees, line managers and workers...........................

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