American Mobile Satellite Corp. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

American Mobile Satellite Corporation (AMSC) has a license to provide wireless mobile services via satellite throughout the United States and 200 miles of coastal waters. The first launch is scheduled for 1994, but in the meantime, AMSC provides limited services via satellite to another company. In mid-1992, the President of AMSC is the decision-making for the marketing program AMSC, including the distribution channels for AMSC service and add a high-speed data capabilities AMSC's product line. The key tension in this case is connected with the need to maximize capacity utilization of satellite AMSC (a few services and distribution channels), compared with the need to focus limited engineering and other product development resources in the young, the limited resources of the company. Illustrates the interdependence of policy product, channel sales and strategic decision-making, as well as illustrating typical differences between marketing / sales and product development / technology in developing, technology-sensitive market. "Hide
by Frank V. Cespedes, Laura Goode Source: Harvard Business School 23 pages. Publication Date: November 2, 1992. Prod. #: 593038-PDF-ENG

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